The iPad. So Simply a Two Year Old Can Operate. Literally.

So I got my iPad on the day they came out. I’d classify myself as a recovering early adopter. I used to be out on the bleeding edge of technology and subsequently moved back to the leading edge. Now I’ve taken one step further back from the edge but when it came to the iPad I saw it as a shiny object I could not resist.

For me, the point of having an iPad was not just to have the latest gizmo. There are plenty of those that I’ve missed in the past few years. I didn’t even have an iPhone when they first came out.

There are plenty of in-depth reviews of the iPad out there for you to read. My impression is that it’s not a laptop but it is a very convenient device to carry around that does almost everything you can do on a laptop. Here is an example. Last weekend I took my iPad and my MiFi card down to the creek and sat in the woods reading the USA Today, watched “The Proposal” with Sandra Bullock, and did some emails. The iPad tackled all of those items wonderfully. And the battery life, a true 10 hours plus.

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Yesterday I took the iPad with me to the motorcycle shop while I waited for my oil change. The place also has a restaurant attached to it. It’s where I took this picture.

North Carolina Pollen on Truck

So after moving inside where the pollen would not instantly be magically attracted to my iPad screen I sat and took care of comments to this blog, dealt with emails, and I even showed the woman and the daughter who were very interested in the device, how easy it is to watch television shows on it. I showed them Jamie Oliver’s new show “Food Revolution” but it might have not been the right time to play that as the cheese fries were arriving to their table.

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For me, the iPad is a winner. And as evidenced by the video below, it’s so simple even a two year old can deal with it.

In a few weeks my 80 year old parents will be here with me for a vacation and I bet they’ll love the iPad as well.

My folks were early adopters back in the day. They had a electronic calculator, a big orange desk top model that I watched my Mom use to pay the bills with. That thing would go Ker-Clunk and make the desk shake every time she’d add or subtract. My Dad had a big vacuum tube calculator on his desk at work. Each number had it’s own vacuum tube. That thing was so cool I still want one.

Latter we were the first family I knew of to have the Sears handheld calculator (left). And after a couple of more years they got one of the first Apple computer released. I loved our Apple II when I was a kid. I remember helping my Dad install the 20 MB hard drive. We had to cut wires to do it.

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