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“Dear Steve,

i ve read your articles: i wonder if you have encountered the debt relief co. called core financial services llc. they directed my funds to global client solutions too. don’t know wether to continue paying or put a stop to my payments…GCS told me that they are a reliable company…please take tome to let me now if they are right. thanks …p.b.


Dear Pedro,

First off, after visiting their site at Coredebt.com I was less than impressed. Unlike companies like US Debt Resolve which clearly publish the critical debt settlement program data to judge their program, Core Financial Services does not. That leaves you to make a decision about the program solely on what their sales people tell you.

It seems their promise of “Here at Core Financial we provide a way to lower your monthyly payments by at least 40%. Our programs are designed to get you out of debt as quickly as possible.” is exactly what the FTC was warning about in their new publication, Settling Your Credit Card Debts and a core component in a lawsuit against Debt Settlement USA.

In my opinion the Core Financial statements they make on their web site are way over exaggerated and are good examples of what an attorney would love to see to sue them for non-performance latter.

When all else fails we don’t. This method of getting out of debt is the most viable option. Avoid Bankruptcy, Avoid harrassing creditor calls, Avoid judgments, avoid being in debt for over 20 years. – Source

But here is the kicker for me that tells me to scream at you to RUN AWAY!

On the testimonial page of Core Financial they publish the following testimonial. “With Core Financial Services. All I had to do is contact them provide them some basic information and I got debt free in just 11 months. What a relief thank you Core Financial. They do it all!” — Mrs. Schmitt, St. Cloud, MN”Source

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But according to the State of Minnesota, Core Financial Services is not licensed to offer debt settlement services in the state. So in my opinion, if Core Financial Services is dumb enough to publish testimonials and offer services in states they are not licensed in what else are they dumb enough to do?

If you want a second opinion on this, go talk to Damon Day about finding a debt settlement company that would be better suited for you.

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