Legally Change Your Name But Not Your Social Security Number to Get Good Credit

Here is a new trick that is totally not worth the $3,999 that’s being charged, let alone $39, in my opinion. This company that is promoting you can have a good credit score by legally changing your name but keeping your old social security number.

Alias Credit Repair

Now from the advertisement above it sounds miraculous. But how about this statement, “Only use your new legal name when obtaining new credit, other than that use you original name as you always have.”

Once you go to the site AliasCreditFiles.com you will see that the site says “Brand new legal name change filed by our staff on your behalf. Brand new credit file created by our staff using your new legal name and your original social security #.” – Source

So if your new name is connected to your old credit through your social security number, why is changing your name helpful? Besides, if you are asked if you have ever had a judgment, sued, gone bankrupt, etc., what are you going to say with your new name? No? That’s like saying I just got married so my credit life starts all over. That’s not how life works.

Watch the video from their site.

BTW, contract is not linked on pricing page as video says.

I’m also curious how they get around advertising their services as attorney assisted name change profiles. If they are collecting a fee for service and paying part of that to the attorney they are fee sharing and that’s a no-no.

I also found it interesting they say: – Source

  • DO NOT- Apply or extend credit with a creditor if your current account is NOT in good standing, this will merge your files!
  • DO NOT- Open a new checking or savings accounts with anyone you have done business with in the past!
  • DO NOT- use any prior credit references on any new credit application
  • DO NOT- record or reference prior addresses, phone numbers, vehicles, etc., on new credit application
  • DO NOT- put your Spouse on any applications
  • DO NOT- use personal checks from your bank accounts to pay creditors who are in your new file! Some businesses keep records of your checks and could create a link to your current file.
  • DO NOT- give anyone your Social Security Number whom you have any contact with in the past who could link you with your old file
  • DO NOT- give your new credit file information to services like lawn care services, garbage collectors and in particular, insurance agents and insurance co.
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So wouldn’t it just be so much easier and $4,000 cheaper to deal with whatever it is that is bringing your current credit score and credit report down rather than having to get a new address and telephone number, never mention any of your past good credit, not apply for credit with your spouse, and don’t give your social security number out?

This approach seems like a lot of hiding and deception from the reality that you are who you are. The problem is not your identity or name, the problem is the lingering bad credit you might have.

Oh, I almost forgot to include the additional DO points from their site:

  • DO -Say that you RENT on all applications!
  • DO – Use your SSN, original Name and address when dealing with Doctors, Dentist, Hospitals and etc., just as you always have
  • DO – Say that you have lived at your new address for the last 7 years, this eliminates providing an additional address, and shows stability
  • DO – Keep your original Drivers license

So if you spend the $4,000 for this product you have to lie where you’ve lived, what your address is, the cost of maintaining a new address and phone number and lie that you rent when you might not? Does that sound like a legit solution to you? Not me. besides, wouldn’t it just get exhausting trying to keep track of who you lied to and when you use the new name or not?


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  1. Your site is about getting out of debt. That’s great & it’s the responsible thing to do. But what if one has done that? (taken care of their debt, paid their vows, taken responsibility for their actions) The system is NOT designed to give people a second chance. It’s designed to penalize people for years to come even once they’ve cleared up their debts. This alternative may not be conventional, but at least it’s an option…it’s a choice designed to make people “think outside the box”. Getting out of debt is what we should all strive for, but once we’re out of debt, what about the chance to rejoin the rest of society and get back in the game with a fighting chance? Credit is how the world is run. Cash is better, but not everyone has alot of that. This is an OPTION to help people get back in the game….what’s so wrong with that???


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