I Need Help With Making My Credit Score Better

Question: Dear Steve, I need help with my credit history and payments. I contacted the credit collection companies and started paying on some outstanding accounts. How can I get my credit fixed and remove these accounts to be able to raise my credit score? Sonia Answer: Dear Sonia, This recent podcast talks specifically about how …

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Texas Woman Arrested For Credit Repair Through Illegal Means

Texas Woman Arrested For Credit Repair Business

A woman from Humble, Texas, was recently arrested by local police for using dubious police reports to get items removed from consumer credit reports. According to KHOU 11, Roekeicha Brisby is accused of fixing people’s credit through illegal means between November 2020 and March 2022. She’s charged with forgery and fraudulent use of identifying information, …

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Deceptive Credit Repair Operation that Filed Fake Identity Theft Complaints is Stopped

Facing Foreclosure? Be Stupid and Burn The House Down Instead.

The Federal Trade Commission obtained an order halting a credit repair scheme that allegedly bilked consumers out of millions of dollars by falsely claiming they will remove negative information from credit reports, while also filing fake identity theft reports to explain negative items on customers’ credit reports. At the request of the FTC and the …

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Put a Fork in NASCO Suit Against the CFPB

It appears the suit filed by the National Association of Credit Services Organizations (NASCO) against the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) is kaput. This saga began about 10 months ago when NASCO was trying to raise money from members to sue the CFPB and rid the credit repair industry of the irritating Telemarketing Sales Rules …

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NACSO Credit Repair Lawsuit Not a Fave of CFPB and FTC

The National Association of Credit Services Organizations (NACSO) that had previously sued the CFPB and FTC to force the TSR not to apply to credit repair groups, received a response from regulators. I’m not sure if I even need to waste keystrokes to write the CFPB and FTC disagree with NACSO. The latest response from …

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Credit Repair Company Settles FTC Charges It Deceived Consumers By Telling Them “Piggybacking” on Others’ Credit Could Boost Scores

Defendants promise “huge” credit score increases, ease in obtaining mortgages A Colorado-based credit repair company and its owner have agreed to settle Federal Trade Commission charges they mislead consumers with promises to “drastically and immediately” improve credit scores and increase access to lower rates on mortgages. In its complaint against the operators of BoostMyScore.net (BMS), the …

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Defendants in FTC Credit Repair Scheme Case Agree to Settle Charges

Defendants face monetary judgments, bans from credit repair business, and prohibitions on other deceptive practices The operators of a bogus credit repair scheme are banned from the credit repair business and subject to a wide array of other requirements under settlement terms with the Federal Trade Commission. The settlements relate to an FTC complaint filed …

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How Credit Repair Affects Your Credit

How does credit repair affect your credit? One would think the answer should be fairly obvious — the entire point of credit repair is to improve credit. But it might not always work out that way. In fact, there are times when working with companies that advertise credit repair that you could be advised to …

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