One Debt Settlement Contract That Includes – Phillips Financial, Expert Settlement Professional, NoteWorld, Global Logistics Enterprise, FBL Associates, Prepaid Legal and National Asset Exchange

Here is an excellent example of how confusing and convoluted the debt settlement industry has become.

Phillips Financial is a debt settlement company that has people sign a contract for their services that includes services provided by seven different or interrelated companies. Imagine having to contract with seven different companies to get the services promised to you by just one company.

The total online contract was 13 pages long and asked the consumer to enter their banking data and personal information into multiple legal agreements with multiple service providers.

Phillips Financial, that was selling this debt settlement program, was entirely obtuse on what these services would cost. When I confronted the sales rep and expressed surprise that 100% of my monthly payment went to my creditors and/or paying off debt said “Well our company doesn’t charge anything extra.”

He never was clear what the actual fee would be for my proposed $75,000 in debt because i discovered it was going to be charged by a different company, Expert Settlement Professionals, which is not the name of a company in licensed to do business in Florida under their name or under that as a fictitious name.

It finally became clear in the Expert Settlement Professionals Software Subscription Agreement section of the multi-page agreement that Phillips Financial was not the party I was contracting with to settle my debt, apparently Expert Settlement Professionals (ESP) was. The fee they were charging me for $75,000 of debt was $18,518 and a non-refundable monthly membership fee of $49.

The cost of the ESP program is $750 per $5,000 unit of debt. So, finally I get a clear answer, it’s 15% of enrolled debt.

On top of the 15% of debt and the monthly membership fee, Phillips Financial also wants to sell me a Debtor Activated Attorney Notification System module from Global Logistics Enterprise for another $25 a month.

As we move through the document, ESP was charging me a fee for debt settlement services but now FBL Associates says they are a law office and although they will be representing me, there is no additional terms or costs for their services. The law firm will act as ” the intermediary between you, the consumer, and the automated personal debt settlement system known as Expert Settlement Professionals.” Call me crazy but why do I need an intermediary between my subscription sold to me from Phillips Financial that is really ESP and myself?

Then National Asset Exchange wants my permission to work in conjunction with my debt settlement software provider. Why? Who in the world would I actually be contracting with in this convoluted agreement for debt settlement services?

National Asset Exchange is a fictitious name for Revshare Group, LLC at 499 NE Spanish River Blvd, Suite 6, Boca Raton, FL 33431. Revshare Group is Larry Kerschenbaum, which is really a Nevada Corporation called Revshare Group, LLC. – Source. The Nevada Revshare Group is actually Larry Kerschenbaum, Karen Kerschenbaum, and Shawn Griner. – Source. Larry Kerschenbaum may be the same Larry W. Kerschenbaum who was involved in securities fraud. – Source, Source.

According to the State of Florida FBL Associates PC is not the real name of the company. It is FBL Associates, Professional Limited Liability Company and is under the control of Frank B. Lindner. – Source.

And if you want to know more about ESP software which is marketed by SafeTrust marketing, a non-registered Florida company, Global Logistics Enterprise or Phillips Financial, I suggest you read this other article.

Imagine how confusing this would be to the average consumer. It’s damn confusing to me.


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Here are the different parts of the Phillips Financial debt settlement electronic contact

Phillips Financial

Phillips Financial
2131 Hollywood Blvd suite 305
Hollywood, FL 33020
Ph: (877) 511-4877
www.phillipsfinancial.us my.espda.com

Included in this package are several items that must be returned immediately in order for us to start the process towards the ultimate goal of addressing your debt. Please make sure to fill out and sign as requested below and fax to (954) 367-2161.

Client Service Agreement – Signature required ( pages 2 & 3 )
Note World Servicing Center Agreement – Fill out and sign ( pages 4 & 5 )
Automatic Withdrawal Form for DAAN Modules “Global Logistics Enterprise” – Fill out and sign (pages 6 & 7)
Schedule of payments Form – Fill out and sign ( page 8 )
Financial Hardship Letter – Describe the situation that has caused you to fall behind/or future hardship ( page 9 )
Creditor Information – You may send in copies of your most recent statements or use the Creditor Listing Form provided ( page 10 )
FBL Associates, PC Service Agreement – Signature required ( page 11 & 12 )
National Asset Exchange Opt-In agreement – Optional for the customer – Signature required if applicable ( page 13 )

Please verify the fields listed below:

Subsciber Name:

Subscriber Address: City: State:

Primary Number: Alternate Number:

Email Address:

Date of Birth: Social Security Number:

Co-Subscriber Name:

Date of Birth: Social Security Number:

Expert Settlement Professional Section

Expert Settlement Professionals Software Subscription Agreement

  1. Expert Settlement Professionals, hereinafter known as (“ESP”), hereby makes this agreement with X hereinafter referred to as client or “You” the consumer. The effective date of this agreement will be .
  2. Engagement: Client hereby engages, and grants Software Provider, its employees, agents, assigns, affiliated Service Providers, software systems, law firms, attorneys and its employees, the exclusive right to negotiate with the Client’s creditors, and to settle creditors’ claims. Any and all Service Providers shall not, however, have the right to bind Client to any settlement without Client’s written consent except if the settlement is for fifty five cents or less. Software Provider and Service Providers do not, and will not furnish any accounting advice or services. All information regarding Client’s financial condition is the sole responsibility of the Client. Client agrees to indemnify and hold Software Provider, assignees, Service Provider and its principals, officers, directors and employees harmless from any liability incurred by Service Provider based on false or misleading information provided by Client. Client hereby understand, and grants Software Provider, its employees, agents, assigns, affiliated Service Providers, software systems, law firms, attorneys and its employees, the right to communicate by mail, e-mail, or any other media suitable to pursuit.
  3. Subject Matter of Agreement: Client is purchasing an automated personal debt settlement system which is backed by FBL ASSOCIATES, PC law firm. FBL ASSOCIATES, PC will assist you, the client, with any issues regarding the personal debt settlement system for the following creditors: See attached “Creditor Listing Form”.

    FBL ASSOCIATES, PC will execute an independent agreement with an attorney in the consumer’s state for the purpose of the following: (1) to assist you the consumer in compiling legitimate financial hardship documents. (2) to support you the consumer with an attorney-client relationship. (3) to provide communication with you, the consumer, for legal decisions on debt settlements.

    The beauty of the automated personal debt settlement system is that it empowers you, the consumer, by being the intermediary between the creditor and the debtor. FBL ASSOCIATES, PC will act as the intermediary between the personal debt settlement system and you, the consumer. In addition, FBL ASSOCIATES, PC will be the intermediary between you, the consumer, and the local state independent contractor attorney. We wish to make it clear that the use of the attorney support is an option for the client which is included at no additional charge. However, the client may at anytime hire their own attorney at their own expense. The client is in no way obligated to use the recommended law firm.

    FBL Associates, PC has over 100 non attorney employees who are available to assist the client with the successful completion of the program. FBL Associates, PC purpose is to facilitate support for the Personal Automated Debt Settlement System. These two companies are separate and distinct entities and are not in any way in a shared ownership with each other.

  4. Monthly Installments: The client’s subscription enrolls them into an installment agreement where the client will make payments of $1,768 per month, for a term of 24 months, for the purpose of settling the client’s unsecured debts and paying for the cost of the client’s Personal Automated Debt Settlement System subscription fee. Client confirms all accounts enrolled to be negotiated by the Client through the Personal Automated Debt Settlement System are unsecured debts totaling approximately $75,000.
    • ESP Automated system allows the client to settle their unsecured debt, which in some cases are as low as 20%;(depending on creditor)
    • Creditors and third (3rd) party collection companies have the ability to interact with the Automated Debt Settlement system. Creditors will be able to independently view, accept and submit settlement offers for the client’s enrolled accounts.
    • The ESP subscription will automatically generate and send cease and desist letters ordering each creditor enrolled in the program to cease communication. However, no one can stop a creditor from aggressively attempting to collect their debts. In order to successfully achieve the consumer’s goal for addressing their debt solutions, the consumer must understand that harassment from creditors will occur.
    • FBL Associates, PC a law firm that has a nationwide network of attorneys available to support you the consumer with Expert Settlement Professionals System.
    • Monthly installment: this amount is based on settlements completed at fifty-five (55) cents on the dollar owed through the client’s unsecured debt. Should a settlement be completed at less than fifty-five (55) cents on the dollar, the difference, minus the subscription fee will go towards the client’s savings account which can allow a shorter term program.
  5. Pre-Paid Legal Defense: In the rare case that the client is sued by any of the creditors or collection companies during the participation of the program. We provide up to forty (40) hours of court attorney representation through Pre-Paid Legal Services, Inc. This is an additional value above that provided by FBL Associates, PC.
  6. Daan Module: The subscriber has the option to sign for the Debtor Activated Account Notification System and module. The DAAN module will redirect calls from the client’s enrolled creditors to our team of expert settlement arbitrators. Our professionals will attempt to limit harassing phone calls from creditors. ESP will be able to offer this service for a discount rate of $25 per month of usage. ESP will cover the set up fees for the service as part of the subscription software package. Clients understand that the DAAN module is admin for a external company which only function is to monitor and redirect harassing phone calls from creditors which may be in default of harassing phone calls federal regulations.
  7. Impact on Credit Score: Debt settlement as in any financial venture has its risks; this risk has been fully disclosed with in the pages of this agreement. Debt settlement will have a negative effect on your credit score. There is no way to go through the debt settlement process, even using the personal Automated Debt Settlement System, and not have your credit score negatively affected. As each account is settled during your program term your score will increase throughout the program. The final score will be the result of your ability to complete this program and maintain any secured or non-secured accounts that are not enrolled in this program.
  8. Cost of Subscription Agreement: ESP wants to make sure that the client is completely informed and educated regarding the cost of their subscription with ESP. The subscription fee has been determined based off of the following calculation: $750.00 per unit, each unit is equal to $5000.00 of unsecured debt.
  9. Fee Structure: All fees associated with this program will be included in the client’s monthly installments. The total fee for this Subscription agreement is $11,250. A non-refundable monthly membership fee of $49.00 will be included in the client’s monthly installments. The maintenance fee includes Networking Attorney Fees, Prepaid Legal Fees, Noteworld Monthly Processing Fees, and Administrative/Maintenance Fees.
  10. Legal Disputes: In the event of any litigation arising out of or relating to this Agreement, all parties, including Client, P&E Solutions agree to resolve the dispute with neutral binding arbitration according to the laws of the State of Florida. Venue for all arbitrations shall be in Broward County. This Agreement represents the entire Agreement by and between the parties. All prior oral agreements or written understandings are deemed merged herein. This Agreement may not be amended except by a written document signed by each of the parties hereto.
  11. Monthly Lottery: ESP will be performing a monthly lottery, where you, the client, will be eligible to win a $5,000 credit give away which will be directly used to pay off your debts.
  12. Termination: The client may cancel this contract at any time.
  13. Refund Policy: Should the client decide to cancel their subscription agreement with ESP with in the first thirty (30) days of making their first installment payment, client would be entitled to a full refund less the $49.00 non refundable maintenance fee. Should the client decide to cancel their subscription agreement with in sixty (60) days of their first monthly installment, the client will be entitled to a fifty (50)% refund less the $49.00 non refundable maintenance fee. Client acknowledges that cancellation after sixty(60) days they will no longer be eligible for a refund. Client understands that in the event of one or more of the creditors accounts enrolled in the program do not reached a successful settlement, ESP will refund the subscription fees charge for the fraction of debt entitle for the creditor(s) account. Client understand that ESP will have the full extend of the program to reach a successful settlement with the creditor(s) enrolled in the program.
  14. Client Acknowledgement: This Agreement contains a preliminary calculation of the individual debt accounts and total debt amount. It is subject to change based on additional information and calculations. This Agreement should not be constructed as a final binding dollar amount until the file is processed and approved by the Client.
  15. First Payment Date: Client agrees that the first payment may be drafted up to 10 business days of the date agreed and signed in the contract. Client understands that ESP will not be responsible for any charges that the client will incur if client payment is drafted during the 10 business days and funds are not available. All future drafts will be on the date stipulated for the client as signed in the agreement.
  16. Change Requests and Cancellations: Client agrees and is aware that any and all change, “including but not limited to payment date changes, adding/removing a creditor, changing banking information”, made to the clients account require a five business day period prior to and after the payment date for changes to take effect. Company, it subsidiaries and/or assignees will not responsible for any overdraft fees occurred during this period.
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Congratulations on taking the first step of obtaining financial freedom.

NoteWorld Servicing Center

NoteWorld LLC dba NoteWorld Servicing Center, a Delaware limited liability company, (“NoteWorld”) is in the business of providing transaction management and processing services and certain related services as an independent third party, such as receiving, processing and posting payments, holding such payments in a trust account, disbursing funds as authorized, and providing account and transaction information (collectively, the “Services”).

Services. Customer appoints and authorizes NoteWorld to provide the Services related to Customer’s contract with their Software Provider listed below, under which Customer has agreed to make payments toward an effort to pay off debt. NoteWorld is willing to provide the Services to Customer under the terms and conditions of the Signup Agreement.

NoteWorld Fees. Customer acknowledges, agrees to the fees and authorizes NoteWorld to charge for services according to the then current fee schedule.

Monthly Processing Fee – $12.50
Settlement Disbursement Fee $20.00

Other fees as required:
Return Item Fee* – $20.00
Wire Transfer Fee – $15.00
Stop Payment Fee – $25.00
Check Copy Fee – $25.00
Pay-by-Web Fee – $11.50
Pay-by-Phone Fee – $11.50

NoteWorld may change these fees at any time by giving Customer a thirty (30) day written notice.

Changes to Payment. Customer may change this Authorization with a minimum of 5 banking days notice by contacting NoteWorld through any of the following methods: E-MAIL: pas@noteworld.com; MAIL at: NoteWorld, PO Box 2236, Tacoma WA, 98401 or FAX: 877-830-3177.

Trust Account. Customer understands and agrees that NoteWorld will service it’s payments through NoteWorld’s Trust Account into which Customer funds will be deposited and held by NoteWorld and disbursed in accordance with this Agreement. Customer acknowledges and agrees that the Trust Account is non-interest bearing. Customer acknowledges and agrees that NoteWorld’s trust account may be located in Washington or any other states of its choice.

Account Information. Customer understands and agrees its Software Provider will be given access to view its account information and that NoteWorld may send notices to their Software Provider with this account information.

Electronic Communication. Customer agrees that all disclosures, communications and required receipts for account activity related to the Services and this Agreement may be distributed by electronic mail or one of NoteWorld’s web sites. Customer acknowledges that he/she is able to electronically receive, download and print such disclosures, communications and receipts. If Customer is unable to receive, download or print these, Customer will notify NoteWorld and NoteWorld will provide the disclosures, communications and receipts in accordance with applicable law.

Disbursements. Customer agrees that NoteWorld will disburse funds from the Account to pay his/her creditors upon receipt of a settlement letter from the Customer’s Software Provider or their Creditor. Customer may approve or decline any disbursement to a creditor within 24 business hours of receipt of electronic notification of settlement. If Customer does not notify NoteWorld of decline of disbursement within 24 business hours, disbursement will be automatically approved by Customer and NoteWorld will proceed to satisfy the terms of the settlement that was negotiated and the Customer may not thereafter revoke such approval. Customer can opt out of future disbursements by contacting NoteWorld at any of the following methods:
E-MAIL: pas@noteworld.com; MAIL at: NoteWorld, PO Box 2236, Tacoma WA, 98401 or FAX: 877-830-3177.

Personal Information/Privacy. Customer understands that NoteWorld may share my account information with its depository institutions, its affiliates and any other party necessary to provide the Services; including the Customer’s Software Provider. Customer has been given opportunity to review the attached privacy policy and agrees to its terms.


I authorize NoteWorld to initiate Automatic Clearing House (ACH) debits from my designated bank account at the financial institution identified above. I authorize NoteWorld to debit my designated bank account according to the schedule of debits provided to NoteWorld by me or on my behalf or as otherwise provided by agreement. I understand that debits will be withdrawn on the due date unless otherwise indicated and that sufficient funds must be available in my designated account two (2) business days prior to the actual date of the debit (if the due date falls on a weekend or holiday, funds will be withdrawn the following business day). Upon my approval, NoteWorld may adjust the amount being debited from designated bank account. This authorization is to remain in force until the schedule of debits is completed or until NoteWorld has received written notification from me of a change or termination allowing no fewer than five (5) days for NoteWorld to act. NoteWorld may discontinue this service at its discretion after providing written notification 30 days in advance. NoteWorld shall not be required to provide advanced notice when advanced notice is impossible. NoteWorld is not liable to any person for not completing a transaction as a result of any limit on my designated bank account, or if a financial institution fails to honor any debit from such account. I understand that it is my responsibility to notify NoteWorld immediately if a scheduled debit does not occur. I authorize NoteWorld to recover funds in the event of an error or in the event that a prior debit is returned for any reason, including non-sufficient funds.

I acknowledge that the information above is accurate and true to the best of my knowledge.

Global Logistics Enterprise

4 West Las Olas Boulevard
Suite 701
Fort Lauderdale, FL 33301

Phone: 954.237.8116
Fax: 954.414.8416

What is a DAANS Module?
A DAANS Module is a Debtor-Activated Attorney-Notification System. This device will help you control the incoming collection calls that may (and most likely will) occur.

What does the DAANS Module Do?
Once activated, the DAANS Module will connect the collection caller to the attorney network which backs the ESP Software that you are subscribing to.

How do I use the DAANS Module?
To install, you simply plug the module into any working phone jack in your home. The module is even equipped with an extra jack so that you don’t lose access to the jack that it is installed in (in case you don’t have an alternate jack for your phone)
When you answer the phone and find that the caller is attempting to collect a debt, you simply press the star (*) key on your phone and hang up; the module will do the rest.

Who can benefit from using the DAANS Module?
We believe that all clients that have subscribed to the ESP Software should use one, but unfortunately the Module will only operate with a LAND LINE PHONE, or VoIP (phone service provided by your Cable TV Company). If you have a phone line other than a cell phone, you can use this great product.

How do I get my DAANS Module?
The following 2 pages will ask you for some information to ensure that you receive your DAANS Module after you make your first scheduled payment into the program.
If you choose to decline this service at this time, please be aware that if at any time you decide you are no longer happy receiving the endless collection calls, simply contact us at the number above, and we will make sure you can elect to use the DAANS Module.

When completing the following agreements you MUST check the box to either ACCEPT or DECLINE the offer for the DAANS Module (half way down, right side, of the following page)
The DAANS Module may not be used with a Cell Phone
The DAANs Module will provide relief from the (relentless) collection calls that you may be receiving.

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I authorize Global Logistics Enterprise, Inc., to process automatic withdraw from account listed above for the amount of $25 as a deposit on the module plus s/h fee of $2.25 (one time), and $25-monthly for continual use of the Daan Module, If opted to participate by checking the box above. I understand there will be a $35.00 fee automatically charged to my bank account if this transaction is returned due to insufficient funds (NSF). I understand that this authorization will remain in effect until I provide written notification of its termination. I understand that Global Logistics Enterprise, Inc. required 30 days before date of termination for requests to be process. Client understands that Global Logistics Enterprise, Inc., will be not be responsible for any charges that the customer will incur if payments is drafted as convey in this agreement date and funds were not available. All future drafts will be on the date stipulated for the client as signed in the agreement.


By accepting the DAAN Home Transmitter Module, you understand and agree that:

1. Use of the DAAN Module and Services is offered at the cost of $25 per month. ESP will cover the set up fees for the service as part of the subscription software package.

2. You are authorizing an attorney of The DAAN Group to perform only the following:
To electronically answer calls coming to the attorney’s office or corporate call center from your creditors and / or collectors as a result of your Module use, and
To instruct the callers that you are experiencing a financial hardship but have taken action to facilitate repayment and not to call your number again for so long as you are in possession of the Module, while enrolled in our debt resolution program, and
To provide you with the names of licensed attorneys in your state that you may hire to represent your interests in the event you feel you have received a harassing phone call in violation of the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act, and
To provide your attorney with a record of call dates and times from creditor / collectors who have been given the message in “B” above by a DAAN attorney.

3. Global Logistics Enterprise is authorized to withdraw a $25 REFUNDABLE deposit to insure the Module’s return, along with the above specified s/h fee and first monthly paymnet with this signed form. When requested to do so, you agree to return the Module to: GLOBAL LOGISTICS ENTERPRISE located 4 west Las Olas Blvd Suite 701, Fort Lauderdale FL 33301 IN ITS ORIGINAL BOX. If the Module is not returned within 14 working days after your complimentary or extended period expires or, a return request is made, you agree to forfeit the $25 deposit to the DAAN Group. In the event of a non-return, you further authorize The DAAN Group to turn the Module off and pursue such other legal remedies as the DAAN Group may have to recover the Module.

4. You understand and acknowledge that use of the DAAN Module while not actively enrolled in a (DAAN) authorized debt resolution program or at any other phone number than your home phone number may be a violation of State and / or Federal law.

FBL Associates

1650 Market St., Suite 3624
Philadelphia, PA 19103
Phone: 888-333-3860

Welcome to the FBL ASSOCIATES, PC family, where informed clients are our top priority. Your file has been received at the law offices of FBL ASSOCIATES, PC for the purpose of assisting you with the completion of the hardship program you have enrolled into.

In order for FBL ASSOCIATES, PC to provide an attorney for you in the state that you reside in you must sign this engagement. However, this engagement will have no additional terms or costs expected from your agreement. The role of FBL ASSOCIATES, PC is to support Expert Settlement Professionals, herein known as ESP. As part of your subscription to ESP, you, the consumer, will receive a prepaid legal benefit that provides up to forty (40) hours of court attorney representation from Prepaid Legal Inc. FBL ASSOCIATES, PC will provide an independent contractor attorney for you, the consumer, in your state for the purpose of assisting you, the consumer, with making legal choices regarding your debt settlements.

The automated debt settlement system is designed to act as your own personal automated debt arbitrator. Creditors will have the opportunity to log in, review, accept and submit counter offers towards the accounts that you have enrolled. FBL ASSOCIATES, PC has 100 non-attorney support staff whose sole responsibility will be to assist you, the consumer, with the personal automated debt settlement system. Any legal questions you, the consumer, may have will be addressed directly with an independent contractor attorney in your state. Only you, the consumer, will be empowered to disburse funds from your escrow account. This ensures that your money is secure. The beauty of the ESP system is that you the consumer never loses control over the process.

For clarification purposes, FBL Associates, PC will provide the following services:

A. We are the intermediary between you, the consumer, and the automated personal debt settlement system known as Expert Settlement Professionals.

B. We have over 100 non-attorney employees whose only job is to listen to your concerns and answer your questions.

C. FBL ASSOCIATES, PC will hire an independent contractor attorney for each consumer in their state.

D. FBL ASSOCIATES, PC will facilitate the effective use of ESP as follows:

i. Perform change requests
ii. Add/remove creditors from the ESP system
iii. Assist with documenting financial hardship

ATTENTION As disclosed in this agreement Debt Settlement has its risks. There will be some discomfort in the duration of this program. Our company will work with you to minimize the discomfort. However, this should only be done if you are having a financial hardship.

A. The average settlement normally happens within the first eight (8) months in the program. (Depending on the program term you have chosen)

B. Creditors will be aggressive with you in attempt to collect on the debt that is owed.

C. Creditors may advise you that they will not correspond or do business with us. Should you need reassurance, feel free to visit our website at www.fblassociates.com where we have posted over 700 settlements for the month of July, August and September.

D. Creditors will offer to settle with you directly. Keep in mind that the average settlement that our skilled arbitrators have been able to negotiate as of August of 2009 was $.38 on the dollar. As of now, we are receiving settlements as low as twenty (20) cents on the dollar.

Therefore, do not succumb to the typical and repetitive scare tactics that your creditors may use against you. FBL ASSOCIATES, PC and our independent contractor attorneys are here for you to provide additional support and legal guidance you may need while utilizing the Automated Debt Settlement System to address your debt crisis.

The attorney support is an option for you, the consumer which is included at no additional charge. However, you, the consumer may at any time, hire your own attorney at your own expense. You are in no way obligated to use the recommended law firm.

TERMINATION: The client may cancel this contract at any time.

WHEREFORE, the client, also known as the consumer, hereby signs this agreement and the attached Attorney/Client agreement with their independent contractor attorney.

National Asset Exchange

465 N.E. Spanish River Blvd
Boca Raton, FL 33431
Ph: (888) 663-8023

National Asset Exchange Opt-In agreement.

Congratulations in the first step to your Financial Freedom. National Asset Exchange, (hereinafter referred to as “NAE”), works in conjunction with your debt settlement software provider. We are glad you have decided to join the many others in our family that are in pursuit of becoming debt free, where NAE client satisfaction is our top priority. NAE works as the intermediary between the institutional buyers and the creditors. NAE’s job is to put the best case together for the institutional buyers in the debt purchase process.

In order to help you to accomplish your Financial Freedom, NAE needs this Opt-In agreement signed to start the process. Client should receive a welcome package from National Asset Exchange after the first payment withdraw date agree in the ESP agreement.

1. Right to contact your creditors. Client hereby grants NAE, its employees, agents and/or assigns, the right to contact the Client’s creditors to verify Client’s information. Information being verified is your account number and your gross debt amount.

2. Right to perform due diligence. Client hereby engages, and grants NAE, its employees, agents and/or assigns to properly perform due diligence in behalf of the client with creditors. Client understands that NAE will not disclose Client’s confidential information with other entities other than the Client’s creditors and or Client’s creditor’s assignees. This information include but not limited to name, address, phone number, email address, amount of cash in reserves available to settle the debt, the dollar amount of the monthly contribution made to the Debtor’s escrow account maintained on the Debtor’s behalf with Note World, LLC, names and account numbers of the Debtor’s credit accounts, and the Debtor’s social security number.

3. Client Acknowledgment. I/we, (hereinafter referred to as “DEBTOR”), located in enter into this Opt-In Agreement with National Asset Exchange. I/we shall allow NAE access my information as described in numeral 2 above and I/we grant permission to NAE to send the welcome package to my address listed above after my first withdraw payment date. I hereby understand and agree to Opt-In to the participation of the right to market to a third party funding program as described above. I have read and fully understood the purpose and effect of this Opt-In Agreement and agree with all of its terms in numeral 1 and 2.

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  1. ESP 201 S. Andrews Avenue Fort Lauderdale, FL 33301. I would like to know when your Company is going to refund my money. Money that never was paid to the credit cards. As you know David Martinez call me one day and told me to cancel my payments because your Company was under an investagation. Since that time I being trying to collect my money from your Company. Please write to me at fgomez583@yahoo.com or call me at 786-261-3266. I am planing to take this case to court if I don’t received a call with a good answer. my account number is; 440280001810. My name is Feliciano Gomez from Stuart, FL 34994.

  2. ESP 201 S. Andrews Avenue Fort Lauderdale, FL 33301. I would like to know when your Company is going to refund my money. Money that never was paid to the credit cards. As you know David Martinez call me one day and told me to cancel my payments because your Company was under an investagation. Since that time I being trying to collect my money from your Company. Please write to me at fgomez583@yahoo.com or call me at 786-261-3266. I am planing to take this case to court if I don’t received a call with a good answer. my account number is; 440280001810. My name is Feliciano Gomez from Stuart, FL 34994.


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