Should I Go With CESI Debt Solutions? – James

“Dear Steve,

5600 hundred dollars in debt.presenetley yearly salaray 7000 dollars. claimed bankrupcey in 2008. recieved paperwok figures to pay off debt from cesi debt solutions.debt is 5600 hundred dollars. they want 141.00 per month for five years.which comes to 8,460 dollars.

Should i accept or shop around?

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Dear James,

Before you jump into any debt solution I think you need to first address the issue of having gone bankrupt in 2008, making $7,000 a year in income and now being $5,600 in debt again.

If your current life situation does not allow you to make ends meet and you are using credit to get by, then any credit counseling solution is probably doomed to fail. A debt management plan will not help you to make ends meet when they can’t.

Can you get by now without using any more credit?

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3 thoughts on “Should I Go With CESI Debt Solutions? – James”

  1. James,

    Tracy from CESI Debt Solutions here -I would second what Steve already said. While CESI would love to help you tackle that debt and pay off your accounts, the bigger picture here is that you want to regain control of your finances. I would highly encourage you to take advantage of some of the free budgeting resources that are available on our site or other sites to learn how to avoid getting back into this situation in the future. It’s important to realize that with any repayment plan you will not be paying a flat fee over the years it takes to repay, but you will continue to accrue and pay for interest charges as well – if you can avoid adding to the amount of debt you have already accumulated you can pay the accounts off faster and stay debt free for life! Best of luck on your journey to financial freedom.


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