I Got a Sales Call From U.S. Consumer Support. Have You Heard of Them? – Michele

“Dear Steve,

Ever heard of “US Consumer Support”?

I received a phone call on my cell phone from a number in Wyoming, from someone claiming to be from “US Consumer Support”. Her voicemail said that she was contacted “on my behalf” about possible debt settlement and that I was listed as “preapproved” for some amount around $31k. She left 866 913 0732 phone number and asked me to call because this was potentially good news for me and my family. Now I could seriously use some good news to get out of my ever deepening debt, but I’m extremely leary about this. It sounds way too good to be true, at least from her cheerful message. Do you have any information on them?


Dear Michele,

Unfortunately I’m afraid it appears nothing more than an outbound sales call from a debt settlement company trying to sell you their program. The number they left for you went to an automated answering system without any identification as to who the company was. I did notice that number was also reported as making calls regarding discount health insurance. – Source

I did visit the U.S. Consumer Support site and found it to be a fairly standard debt settlement pitch. many of the claims made do concern me.

Let me assure you that the pre-approval message is a sales pitch to make you think you are qualified for some fantastic offer to cut your debt. Debt settlement has a low success rate, your credit will be shot, you may be sued by a creditor and your wages garnished. It’s not without some possible implications.

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The site also has a number of red flags that concern me. As a commercial entity they should at least let you know what their business address is. They don’t. The site is registered to a Brian Hetzman of Interactive Holdings LLC out of Florida. A search of the registered companies in Florida had no listing for a U.S. Consumer Support company.

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They also make some claims that are on face value, not true. Some of the statements that concern me were “Debt Settlement is the fastest way to eliminate credit card debt and other unsecured debts”, “It’s also the most economical”, “You will save up to 50% or more…”, “Stop Collection Calls.”

You see a Chapter 7 bankruptcy is the fastest way out of debt. A Chapter 7 bankruptcy will cost about $1,500 while their debt settlement program typically costs 15% of your total debt.- Source. There is no way that any debt settlement program can proclaim what your overall savings is going to be without you reviewing their failure rates. A debt settlement program has no power to stop collection calls, bankruptcy does.

Based on what I read in their FAQs it appears this is a program that resells a package called ESP. It is my opinion that there is probably little behind the U.S. Consumer Support site and all work will be offloaded to others. You might want to read this other review I did on a similar company that used what appears to be the same backend services.

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US Consumer Support Site

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