Hulk Hogan Selling Debt Settlement as “Don’t Sweat The Debt”

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A story out of Connecticut describes how National Media Connection, owned by Matt Goldreich, has signed Hulk Hogan to film to generic commercials to pitch debt settlement services.

Hulk Hogan Don't Sweat The Debt

And that’s where Hulk Hogan comes in – no holds barred. Hogan, as a partner in the debt-settlement commercials, will receive an up-front fee plus incentives and bonuses based on the number of callers responding to the ads, Goldreich said.

National Media Connection took a crew of six to Tampa, Fla., two weeks ago to film the advertisement for Debt Help Center USA. It plans to put the ad on “full rotation” today, meaning it will be the only one of its several debt-reduction spots to get airtime.

Responses to the ads are automatically routed to various companies that pay for the referrals. Those clients are charged based on the number of calls their company receives.

“These guys are counting on us to make the phones ring,” said Goldreich, who estimates his debt-settlement ads generate an average of 500 calls a day, while other commercials can bring in an additional 1,000 responses. – Source

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