We Are in Search of a Good Debt Settlement Company. – Lori

“Dear Steve,

We are in search of a “for real” good debt settlement company. Each time I think I might have located one….I find negative information thru BBB or blogs or reports. Are there reputable ones out there? Also I am considering writing letters to the Credit Card companies and trying to start negotiations on my own…how difficult can this be and would you recommend it?


Dear Lori,

For such an easy question it is certainly hard to answer.

There are good debt settlement companies out there that have fair performance based fees, exceptional customer service and deliver the best service they can. But they are in the minority of all companies and in my experience they are not among the companies that you frequently see on television or hear on the radio.

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Let’s say I just gave you three names of companies, my bet is that you stand to still have a negative experience. And that’s not the fault of hose particular companies.

What has happened is that because of all the B.S. advertising and claims made by fast buck debt settlement companies, it has created a false expectation of what results can really be obtained.

Even good watchful consumers may believe that debt settlement is a right, has power over creditors, and is an easy process that banks welcome. That is not an accurate statement and certainly no statement can be made across the board like that.

What I would prefer that you did would be to fully investigate all your options, including credit counseling and bankruptcy. By speaking to professionals in all the fields you can get a much better understanding of the reality of each solution and which path is best for you based on your specific situation. Only through knowledge will you be able to make the best decision. And a wrong choice can cost you dearly.

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If you don’t want to do the research then I suggest you schedule a personal consultation with Damon Day to review your situation and provide you with guidance on which solution is most appropriate for your individual situation.

And there is nothing that prevents you from contacting your credit card companies. Picking up the phone is going to be as effective as writing. Give them a call and see what they may be able to offer you as part of your research.

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