I Followed the Bad Advice From CCDN and Now I’m in a Situation. – Terry

“Dear Steve,

Utilized CCDN services in 2008, crashed and burned all through 2009. then on my own,settled 3 accounts, 3 still outstanding (1 just received judgement, 1 is now with 3rd DC, and last is “snake in the grass”)

I think I can file a motion against the judgement, since i do not believe the DC followed proper MA civil procedure, but am not too sure how to do this or what I should do. The account with the 3rd DC is $28k, and there is NO way i can pay this back – how should I proceed? i hate the fact that I followed what was extremely poor advice (CCDN) that now has us in this situation. i have lousy credit, lost equity in our home, and am currently unemployed. my husband just started a new job after several months of unemployment. i truly want to dig out of this hole, as it affects my life as well as my family’s. it is a depressing and stressful situation.
thanks for your advice!


Dear Terry,

For those that don’t know, CCDN is the Credit Card Defense Network, a group that had some magical way to eliminate debt. They’ve been sued all over the country.

The issue I have with tricks and mysterious ways to eliminate your debt is that while it might be possible to get something eliminated, the goal is to emerge with a total solution that resolves the entire debt situation.

You either take shots at creditors one by one and hope that works sufficiently or you use a one step approach and tackle all the creditors at the same time with one process. That process is called bankruptcy.

Under bankruptcy the court has the power and authority to make ALL creditors comply and ALL creditors will be dealt with. There is no other legal process you have that will apply to ALL creditors. Otherwise you are left with a prayerful piecemeal approach.

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My advice, click here to find a local bankruptcy attorney and put this behind you now instead of dragging it out for more years. It’s time to start moving forward instead of trying to repair the past.

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