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The Association of Attorneys for Debt Resolution – A Tip.

I received the following tip and wanted to share it with you.

Please take a look at this website – this is for a new association called The Association of Attorneys for Debt Resolution. This is a FOR PROFIT organization headed by Tami Brown. She claims to be the founder of TASC and a COO for Credit Answers. She was there as a consultant. This group will be bringing in Debt Settlement Firms to sell them on Attorney Models that she will profit from…check it out! I would love to see a full investigation on this. Tami is really good at hiding her identity as an owner of this company.

According to the public profile of Tami Brown she does claim to be the founder of TASC and the past, either Chief Operating Officer or COO, of Credit Answers. – Source

I reached out to Tami through her company TurnKey Consulting and received the response below.


If this is going to print, please see our formal statement below. We would appreciate to be quoted in it’s entirely, and would also like a copy of the story.

This is to confirm that Tami and credible attorneys and law firms are exploring the formation of an association that meets the needs of both consumers seeking assistance from lawyers to resolve debt issues and lawyers who provide or are looking to provide debt resolutions services to consumers. At this time, there is no association that provides education or representation to consumers and lawyers in the debt resolution market. When any association is formed, we will advise you.

Kind Regards,

Reem Naser
817.946.6144 Direct
TurnKey Consulting Inc. – Source

As far as the domain name goes, the registration is private but it was registered on April 26, 2010.

A Twitter message on the @turnkeyconsult account confirmed that Tami’s company is still involved in the debt settlement industry.

While looking around trying to confirm the AADR I did find an interesting relationship with something called The Imat Foundation at 1920 Abrams Parkway, #188, Dallas, Texas 75214 that was incorporated by Tamara A. Brown on October 15, 2009. – Source. Apparently the Imat Foundation is also the owner of Settlement Organization Services, LLC, which was incorporated on October 23, 2009 at the same address. – Source. By the way, the address for that corporation is a UPS Store.

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According to public records The Imat Foundation was registered by Amy L. Jacobs, Tami A. Brown, and Nettie J. Sappington.


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