Cyrus Global and American Star Debt Settlement – Watch Out

I received an inquiry from a tipster (send in your tips here) about an email that was being sent out from Cyrus Global that guaranteed debt settlement rates, hedge fund buys the debt immediately from the consumer and includes attorney representation. So I took a quick look into this.

The email also had a link to American Start Debt Settlement to manage customer contacts. – Source

I am assuming that Cyrus Global is a marketing arm and affiliate of American Star Debt Settlement since all the items claimed in the email sent to the consumer are the services American Star Debt Settlement actually claims to provide.

Email Sent to Consumer

This is certainly not an exhaustive look but its a start and I hope if anyone else has information on these companies to share you can post it in the comments below.

Cyrus Global, LLC

Cyrus Global was registered in California on May 13, 2010 and lists their address in official filings as 3530 Wilshire Blvd, Ste 1060, Los Angeles, CA 90010. That address is actually the office of Malek Shraibati, Esq. The registered agent at the same address is James Yon. – Source

Cyrus Global Web Site
Cyrus Global Web Site

The Cyrus Global domain name is owned by Vision Consulting, 17595 Harvard Ste c#517 Irvine, California 92614. That address happens to be a mail drop for Pacific Mail.

Pacific Mail Irvine California

The address listed on the email for Cyrus Global, 4007 W. 6th St., Los Angeles, CA 90020 is the storefront seen below.

Cyrus Global is also running ads for cash advance products. See the add below that ran on

My Opinion

Run away as fast as possible from Cyrus Global. Not only do they appear to have no experience in debt settlement but they also market cash advance loans. They appear to be totally unqualified to sell debt settlement services.

American Star Debt Settlement

Even though the debt settlement company claims to be located in California at 6942 Ed Perkic Street, Riverside CA 92504 there is no registered company in California under that name.

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The domain name for American Star Debt Settlement is owned by Hassan Kassir, PO Box 6099, Irvine, California 92616 and was registered on February 10, 2010 for just one year.

What I did find is that Hassan Kassir also owns that uses the same telephone number as American Start Debt Settlement. The target market for this company is “People and Small Businesses Facing Financial Challenges (defaulting on debt)”. – Source

This is what the Face Financial Site looks like:

There is no company in California called Face Financial that is registered to do business.

This led me to an American Star Debt Settlement Site that is owned by Hassan Kassir at the same PO Box as above.

American Star Debt Settlement Affiliate

Their sales presentation:

My Opinion

While the marketing for this company sounds like what people want to hear, it doesn’t add up. A company that claims such brilliant partnerships with providers should at least be smart enough to be a registered company. Even if they are registered under a different name they should mention it if they are not trying to hide something.

I’m also concerned with the grandiose claims made by American Star with a domain name that was only registered five months ago.


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87 thoughts on “Cyrus Global and American Star Debt Settlement – Watch Out”

  1. I just discovered that I have been conned by a company called “Debt Restructure Group”.  I first started out with a company called “Cyrus Global” in August of 2011 and when I started doing business with them the mysteriously became Debt Restructure Group.  Why the Feds haven’t caught them yet is beyond me.  They are crooks, scam artists and scumbags.

  2. I personally worked there and hated it so much that I left right away. I’m grateful I left that place, they never even payed me my last paycheck! Good luck with anyone dealing with them!

  3. Kyle,

    Thank you so much for providing an honest look back at the experience. Interestingly, much of what I identified and asked specific questions about to the company, turned out exactly as I was afraid it would.

    Interestingly while the company argued in comments that none of those items you mentioned were true, your comments revel, they were true.


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