I Have Little to My Name and Collectors Are Calling. – Shirley

“Dear Steve,

First let me thank you for being so wonderful and answering all the questions that you do. It is wonderful to have someone to talk to about this.

Im on SSD and with welfare I get 771.00 a month and 381 from a pension I got in the divorce. I have over 10000. in Debt with credit cards. I am buying only 20 week in food and paying the bills. At 58 I know I can never pay it off before I die.

My problem is this. The only thing I have is a double wide mobile home. Low Value, No one would want it. Then I have a car that I got in the divorce, its a 2005 toyota 4 runner.

In IDaho I can get assistance because of my income. But I cannot file for bankruptsey because my car if worth more than 3000.oo I don’t know what to do. The mobile and car are all I have in the world. I need the car to last as long as I do because I can never afford to get another one.

Please help me find some answers. I got 6000 of the debt in the divorce even though I was on ssd. The rest has taken place because I can’t live month to month. Thank You for any help


Dear Shirley,

You might want to contact your state or county Bar Association and see if you can get a free consultation with an attorney in your state to discuss this approach.

Since you have little of value for a creditor to go after, and your income is SSD which can’t be garnished, as long as you have no other big assets or cash sitting out there if you stopped paying the debt, the creditor sued you, got a judgment, they would not be able to collect on it.

The only downside is the collectors may call every once in a while but because of your situation, after talking this over with an attorney, one option is to do nothing.

Please update me on your progress by

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