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I recently came across the following court videos for filing bankruptcy yourself and thought they were exceptionally truthful, informative, educational, and beneficial for everyone considering filing bankruptcy without an attorney or pro se.

The videos apply to a bankruptcy district in North Carolina but they exemplify the potential pitfalls or problems people can face when attempting to represent themselves without professional representation. While it is possible to file bankruptcy without an attorney, everyone, including the bankruptcy court advises against it. Having gone bankrupt myself and lived through the experience the fact I had an attorney representing me was enormously beneficial.

If you would like to avoid the problems created when people attempt to file bankruptcy themselves, you can always click here to find a kind, caring, and compassionate local bankruptcy attorney in your area who will meet with you for free.

Damon Day - Pro Debt Coach

Pro Se Bankruptcy Introduction

Pro Se Chapter 7 341 Meeting

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Pro Se Chapter 13 341 Meeting

Pro Se Motion to Dismiss Hearing

Pro Se Motion to Extend Chapter 13 Automatic Stay Hearing

Pro Se Motion to Lift Chapter 13 Automatic Stay Hearing

Pro Se Bankruptcy Reaffirmation Hearing

Pro Se Show Cause Hearing for Failure to File Certificate of Credit Counseling

Pro Se Bankruptcy Video Conclusion

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