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I Am Current But Can I Skip a Payment and Lower My Interest? – Juan

“Dear Steve,

I have a low credit score, a high car interest and payment, and I am trying to get my kids and myself a house. I know the value of your credit is pretty important. I was not wise in the past and now I am paying for it. I am current on everything thank GOD, but would really like help getting out of my situation ( credit wise ). If you can please help I would really be thankful and appreciative.

I have a high interest rate along with a high payment for my budget. Is there any way I can skip a payment and lower the interest and the payment at the same time?


Dear Juan,

The only two ways that come to mind would be for you to explore a lower interest rate consolidation loan like offers, or to enroll your unsecured debt into a credit counseling program to lower the interest rate of those cards.

Depending on the balance still owed on your car, if you did get the loan you might be able to pay off the car loan and consolidate your other bills into a lower fixed rate unsecured loan.

Please update me on your progress by posting updates here in the comments section of your question. I’m very interested in how this works out for you.

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  • Juan Muniz

    Thank you Steve for the answer on my question. This info was very valuable and would like to thank you for your very important time.

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