Federal Grants for Debt Relief – It’s a Scam. Here’s Why.

Yet another video has surfaced trying to make people believe there are government grants to get out of debt. Under the title of “Obama’s New Government Grants for Debt Relief” the video gives viewers the impression there is free money from the government available to help consumers pay off debt and the money does not have to be paid back. That is not true.

The government does not have any grant programs that gives away free money to get out of debt. If consumers want to discharge their debt with government blessing then the appropriate legal process is bankruptcy.

If you see a video like the one above, and it directs you to a site where you have to pay ANY money for government grant information, don’t do it. The reason it sounds too good to be true, is because it is.

If you want to see actual government grants available, go to Grants.gov, it’s a free site and information directly from the government. A quick search will show you that there are no grants to pay off debt. In fact the government site says, “Grants.gov does not provide personal financial assistance.”

You can listen to this story here.
Federal Grants for Debt Relief

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