New Debt Settlement Rules – Get Out of Debt Radio Show

This week Damon Day and I talk about the new debt settlement rules that were announced by the Federal Trade Commission, the need for them, the impact on debt settlement companies, why some debt settlement companies will fail and others thrive, and more about the attorney model of debt settlement that is being promoted as the way to save the industry.

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Damon Day - Pro Debt Coach

Steve Rhode
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1 thought on “New Debt Settlement Rules – Get Out of Debt Radio Show”

  1. I am bewailed to hear that a lot of industry groups
    have ganged up against debt settlement companies and
    the FTC is doing nothing serious about it.

    They seems not be concerned about the crisis,the individual
    will suffer but I will like to remind all that was what happened
    when the sub-prime problem started.

    No one cared.Those that cared blamed it on the poor masses for
    taking loans that way out of their league.The result is the
    global economic melt down that we are


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