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Real Housewives of DC – Guess Who Went Bankrupt

This year brings year another new Bravo television series, The Real Housewives of D.C.

It seems that each Real Housewives series, Orange County, New Jersey, and now D.C. brings a fascinating glimpse into financial dysfunction.

Two of the characters featured on the show are Michaele Salahi & Tareq Salahi. Michaele is shown to the left. Her husband, Tareq, brags about his Virginia winery and polo connections on the show. Well guess what went bust, Tareq’s business, Oasis Enterprises. The company filed a Chapter 7 bankruptcy in 2009 and there is another Chapter 11 bankruptcy ongoing that involves Salahi as well some of the property and buildings we’ve seen on the show.

The 2009 Chapter 7 bankruptcy filing lists a bunch of whole slew of creditors and even states Tareq’s business was either sued or being sued by a limousine company and a party rental company. It appears a Aston Martin car and a Carver 350 Mariner boat had been repossessed as well.

While the couple presents themselves on the show as super high flyers among the elite party crowd, the bankruptcy filing seems to show financial wreckage, including $224,000 owed to the Washington Redskins football team for a hospitality suite. There is $61,000 in credit cards and $304,000 for unpaid catering services and by the end of the paperwork there was $965,000 in liabilities. – Source

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  • Have her call me, I’ll settle her debt for her 😉 What’s sad is how the media glorifies this behavior…that’s some funny shit!

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