Husband Deserted Me While I Was Being Treated for Breast Cancer. – Wendy

“Dear Steve,

Recovering breast cancer, single mom. (Husband desserted me during treatment). Able to buy a house on my own after borrowing from my retirement. In credit card debt over $20,000 now before I realized it. Emotionally wanted to make myself and kids happy. Mistake

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Do these debt bailouts ruin your credit? Can I get help and still have good credit?


Dear Wendy,

There is no such thing as a debt bailout. And it is not possible to intercede in your debt and emerge with as good or better credit unless you consolidated it with a loan. As an example, LendingClub.com is one such place.

Are you not able to afford the monthly payments on the $20,000 of debt or are you just concerned that you now have the debt? It’s not clear from your question.

Please update me on your progress by

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