Unbelievable Back To School Money Saving Tips

As most of us all know, our wallets have been tested the past few years to see just how far we can squeeze them. Some of you most likely trying for a completely 360 degree twist. Many of you are probably sweating in your sleep thinking about the money spent or money you need to spend on back to school necessities. It’s a frightening time for you and your wallet especially if times are tight already.

I happened to stumble upon a great YouTube channel today called “CouponDivas” that has tons of great videos for saving money. For the past month or so, our perky Coupon Diva, Kitty, has been perusing the sale ads and vendor coupons to rack up some big savings for this upcoming school year.

The following video is pretty self explanatory, Back to School Shopping Tips: Get 88 Items for $7.50. We follow Kitty around to four different big chain retail stores for back to school supplies. Through the use of store ads/flyers, rebates, shopper loyalty cards and promotions Kitty saved BIG!

This same premise of these savings tips can be used for back to school clothes as well. The video below shows Kitty shopping for her children’s school clothes with insane savings.

As a frugal shopper myself I can safely say, this lady is my new shopping idol.