9 Cheapest Pets to Own

Pets can bring love, companionship, stimulation, and fun into your life. But they can also bring a lot of added expenses. In fact, the lifetime cost of owning a dog is estimated to run around $15,000. Cats are not far behind, ringing up at roughly $12,000 over the course of their lives. If you’re yearning … Read more

5 Money Lessons That Xennials Can Learn From Boomers

Times have changed since baby boomers were young. Despite this, the money lessons they learned throughout the years still apply. Many xennials, on the cusp of Generation X and millennials, could improve their finances if they listened to the wisdom of baby boomers. Here are several of the most noteworthy money lessons xennials can learn from … Read more

8 Sites That Pay You Money (for things you’re already doing anyway)

An hour? (yeah right!) Two? Three? Five? If you’re using search engines, surfing the web, watching videos, playing games or doing one of a dozen other activities – you could be earning a little extra money for your time. I’ve looked through a lot of the sites, many of which are listed on our epic post … Read more

The Best Way to Budget for Home Improvements and Renovations

A lovely reader asked me recently how to best budget for a home improvement project. She is in the middle of dealing with the garage addition to her property she wanted to know if early financial surprises in the project would be an indication of later pocketbook misfortune. Well it turns out I happen to … Read more

ConsumerCellular Targets Retired Citizens With Affordable Cell Phone Plans And Senior Friendly Telephones

A few weeks ago Steve came to me and said, “hey, do you think you could find the cheapest cell phone service for someone that talks less than 120 minutes a month using the site ConsumerCellular.com?” “Of course,” I thought. CHALLENGE ACCEPTED! I started my search by heading over to ConsumerCellular.com where they provide a … Read more

An Experienced Mom Prepares for a Baby

New is always nice, but gently used furniture, clothing, and baby gear can really ease the strain on your pocketbook when you are expecting. With my first baby, everything had to be new, and perfect. Yes, I was that first time mom! If it was made for newborns, I absolutely had to have it! I … Read more

New Mark Guimond Book Out. Billion Dollar Chump Change.

For those of you that may know Mark Guimond, the guy from the old AADMO days, you’d know he’s one person that knows his way around Washington. Guimond has just released a new book titled “Billion Dollar Chump Change” in an effort to easily identify budget cuts that could be made for common-sense fiscal reductions … Read more

Get Your Free Money: Treasure Hunting Online

Indiana Jones racing through some foreign land seeking his next archaeological find is an adventure that this treasure seeker would never get tired of. Who doesn’t get excited about finding a treasure? Especially, if it’s free money. Whether it’s finding a $20 bill in the parking lot of the mall or an old bond that … Read more

How Your iPhone Can Save You Money

If you’re like me you constantly have your smartphone attached to your hip. In my case, I have my trusty digital sidekick (my iPhone) and I’m still amazed how far we’ve come with technology and mobile phones. I remember my first brick-like phone and only imagined in my wildest dreams having a phone this, well, … Read more