How Trustworthy are Some of the Companies Featured on the ABC Debt Relief Plan? – Suzette

“Dear Steve,

How trust worthy are some of the companies featured on the ABC debt relief plan, and why when we clicked on this site several people from various companies across US have called with plans and options. If you go for a plan even if it is free eventually you pay for it somewhere where it gets added in to the final payment number each month. If not how do you get paid for assisting a family out of debt?

What have been the concerns or complaints of the Llyod Ward Group and have they helped or harmed? How do we as a participant with our information in your hands know that you are not also a scammer?



Dear Suzette,

I am assuming when you say you went to the ABC Debt Relief plan you went to their home page as shown below. If you went to a different site, let me know.

If you completed the form on their site and you were then contacted by other companies then ABC Debt Relief must be sharing or selling their leads with or to others. When you call a debt settlement company and are offered a free consultation it is actually a sales qualifying call to see if they can sell you the program. The sales person then makes a commission from selling you into the debt settlement program.

It does not seem like this is the right time to signup for a debt settlement program since if you wait till after October 27, 2010 then no debt settlement provider can charge you a fee until they actually settle a debt. Even then the fee can only be for that one debt settled and not a big fee based on all of the debt you enrolled in the program.

As of September 27, 2010 debt settlement providers need to provide you with a good faith estimate of the claims they make. You can read my guide on this topic, The Debt Settlement Good Faith Estimate Guide for the Confused Consumer.

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Since I am not a provider of debt relief services I certainly can’t scam people as a provider of debt relief services.

Please update me on your progress by

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