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Top Companies That Garnish Wages, Seize Bank Accounts and Collect Property in MN

This is a table that was put together by the Star Tribune in Minnesota regarding the top 15 companies that took action to seize wages and property to collect on debts. The figures are from between 2005 to March, 2010.

CompanyTotal amountNo. of cases
Capital One Bank$48,614,11512,748
Midland Funding LLC$20,952,3455,288
Dakota Bluff Financial$24,234,9934,158
Discover Financial$29,302,2053,433
Payday America$1,093,4132,224
North Star Capital Acquisition$5,083,9222,102
Unifund CCR Partners$17,468,8451,842
MRC Receivables Corp$4,267,2741,624
Ford Motor Co.$15,402,4031,609
Wells Fargo$18,892,5971,206
Asset Acceptance$5,603,2161,190
Palisades Collection$3,650,1631,135
LVNV Funding$4,847,3761,073

Apparently Capital One is the bank most likely to sue, get a judgment and go after your wages, property or bank accounts.

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