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A Friend of Mine Made a Few Bad Choices and Now Owes PG&E. – Cindy

“Dear Steve,

A friend of mine has made a few bad choices and has put off taking care of them and now they are out of control. He has had bill like PG&E he didnt pay and minor things. No credit card bills. The main thing is he got sick and went into the hospital and they had him fill out papers so he didnt have to pay but he didnt follow through with them now thats in collection. Not sure what to do. He works in construction and a company kept thinking he had employees when he didnt so they kept charging him and now thats in collection. Not sure in consoludate is the answer or a lawyer.

Where do we begin?? 🙁


Dear Cindy,

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I recognize you want to help and that’s fantastic. He is lucky to have a friend like you.

Before we worry about what the first step is to dig out of this mess I’m going to charge you the task of data collection. For whatever reason your friend sounds pretty disorganized. Before we start reacting to one crisis at a time let’s get a handle on the total current situation.

I’d suggest, with his permission, that he let you go though the recent mail and let’s find out if there are some other notices and bills that are in trouble as well. If you can, a really good idea is to have him get a copy of his consolidated credit report and see all the items that are being reported about him so we can know what we are dealing with.

His disorganization is only going to make dealing with this tougher and from what you’ve said about the work and bill issues I’ll have to label him as not attentive to details.

So your homework is to preferably get a consolidated credit report for him. Use the link, it’s the one I use and rely on. Then post a listing of his total debt and who he owes in the comments and let’s take it from there.

Please update me on your progress by posting updates here in the comments section of your question. I’m very interested in how this works out for you.

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