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Can We Make It Any More Complicated With Shielded Circle?

A debt settlement company forwarded to me a copy of a recent pitch they received from a company called Shielded Circle whose slogan is “Financial Integrity for Life.”

Consumers are already confused by who is doing what in some of the debt settlement contracts. I can’t imagine how confusing it would be to add the layers of options and service on top of a sale.

Just look at what happened with the FBL Associates clients when consumers entered into contracts with a bunch of different vendors. Read the comments on this post.

The complexity in some of these sales is reaching a level where soon we’ll need a mandated Regulation Z box, like for credit cards, that puts the terms in plain English. In fact, that would be a good idea for debt relief providers to actually have. Or how about just simplifying the agreements to a point where they provide transparency and simplicity as has been proposed with credit card agreements?

Here is an example of a simplified credit card agreement that was proposed by designers Siegel+Gale.

Here’s an added value service, make debt relief services simpler to understand. What do you think? Post your comments below.


You are not alone. I'm here to help. There is no need to suffer in silence. We can get through this. Tomorrow can be better than today. Don't give up.

The Shielded Circle marketing solicitation letter says:

It was a pleasure speaking with you about how the Shielded Circle might be a fit for your situation. Our program is a must-have for settlement companies facing the new FTC Ruling. As I promised, here are more details about the program.

The Shielded Circle is an asset protection and creditor deterrence program that offers unmatched consumer protection from banks, credit card companies, bill collectors, and civil law suits. It is the perfect “front-end” for debt settlement negotiation. We developed the program over seven years and we work constantly improve it. Our program is a powerfully effective tool for helping secure the very best settlements for your clients in the shortest time possible.

Once a client comes on board the three stage program begins. At each stage your clients’ protection and security grow until their discouraged creditors become more than willing to accept settlements that will make you and your customers smile.


  • Allows immediate income to Settlement Company
  • Protects clients’ assets from seizure or levy
  • Creditors cannot garnish wages
  • Collection phone calls answered at our Call Center
  • Dunning and Collection Notices responded to by our paralegals
  • Reduces Settlement Company administrative overhead
  • Improves Settlement Company leverage with Creditors
  • Restores clients’ credit score
  • FTC Compliant

Phase One— Asset Protection, Privacy, and Creditor Deterrence

As soon as the client joins us we start putting in place an aggressive system of protection against seizure of real and personal assets. The data exchange and recording of the necessary documents takes approximately 4 to 6 weeks.

We immediately take over all communication and contact with creditors. This usually takes care of any imminent threats of legal action and provides the client with enough time to get his asset and garnishment protection set up.

Our service not only relieves customers from having to endure demeaning calls and intimidating notices, but all collection contacts are answered by trained call center operators who know exactly what to say in response to collection efforts.

Our operators don’t have your clients’ personal information; therefore they cannot inadvertently disclose anything creditors don’t already know.

Our paralegal staff, under the supervision our in-house legal counsel, promptly and correctly responds to collection letters, demand notices, law suit threats, and legal documents. Our people insist on full compliance with all debt collection and FTC laws and regulations. That alone is sufficient to discourage many collection agencies.

We answer all collection correspondence, carefully gauging where our clients stand in the process from the type and tone of the letters we are receiving from debt collectors. Our objective is to convince creditors that there are easier targets than our customers for their efforts. We have been very successful at it.

You may find the Shielded Circle response program provides many of the services you have been paying a staff to handle. By teaming up with us you may be able to significantly reduce your overhead and concentrate more resources on sales and settlement negotiations.

When needed, we can put in place our “Secret Weapon”: bulletproof protection against wage garnishment.

Wage garnishment has been the bane of debt settlement companies and the most feared outcome of litigation for clients. While rarely ever needed, the Shielded Circle program can completely protect our clients against this dreaded collection tactic.

But remember, with the earlier stages of our program set up, and the response team working hard at deterrence, it rarely makes much sense for a creditor to sue one of our clients at all. Though we can and do protect against garnishment, we rarely ever have to do so.

Phase Two— Debt Negotiation

Once creditors realize they cannot succeed with forced collection, they become ready to negotiate. You will be there to help. After a few months of difficult correspondence, an investigation of our client’s asset situation, and a sober evaluation of the prospects of recovering enough to make it worth the effort, creditors realize they cannot force payment and cannot garnish wages.

They need a way out and you will be there to provide it for them. Getting 20% of something is better than getting 0% of all they are wishing to get.

It is not uncommon for us to see pay offs between 10% to 20% of the original balance due offered to our clients. In the past year our settlement offer average has been 17%.

Our objective from the start is to convince creditors that their efforts are too time consuming and costly for the recovery they are likely to make. Our program is carefully crafted to achieve that objective.

Once they are worn down by the process and aware of the obstacles to a profitable recovery, creditors are ready to negotiate and move on. They have long lists of debtors who are much weaker and more vulnerable than your clients will be inside the Shielded Circle.

Inserting the Shielded Circle program as a front-end to yours in no way affects your business model. For you, it’s business as usual in full compliance with the new FTC rulings.

Phase Three—Education and Credit Restoration

An integral part of the Shielded Circle program is client membership in the Financial Integrity Institute. The Institute provides the tools and know how to help clients avoid the financial traps that got them in trouble in the first place, meeting the FTC Ruling suggestions. It includes an eleven chapter book called The Busy Family’s Guide to Money, online and traditional Budgeting and Personal Forms, iMoneyQuest, another book called Financial Integrity for Life, over 40 financial educational videos, and many other educational budgeting and money saving items.

And finally we offer our clients a credit score restoration program for making negative credit events disappear from their credit reports. This isn’t simply a list of tips on how to improve credit scores. We work to eliminate reports of negative events completely. If they cannot be seen, they do not affect FICO scores. There are no guarantees, but the program effectively increases FICO credit scores. We have seen improvements of between 60 and 120 points for many of our customers.

Imagine being able to tell your prospects they can stop making payments, protect their assets from seizure (both real estate and personal property), prevent their wages from creditor garnishment, negotiate settlements for 10% – 20%, and still see their credit scores go up! This is what adding the Shielded Circle program to your offerings can do.

Shielded Circle Membership Pricing – RETAIL AND WHOLESALE.
Wholesale Prices based on minimum 50 sales per calendar month

Shielded Circle Program includes the following:

  • Financial Shield (Customer pays filing fee)
  • Privacy and Response Service (Customer pays mail box and forwarding fees)
  • Creditor Deterrence
  • Virtual Phone Number
  • Customer service website with education resources
  • Support Ticket functions
  • Financial Integrity Institute Membership
    • Prepaid Programs include membership the Financial Integrity Institute’s Financial Integrity System for no extra charge.
    • Membership is required for Shielded Circle customers on the payment program and is not included with their regular payments.
    • Retail one time charge $495. Wholesale $245 Your Margin – $250

Prepaid Membership Pricing

There is no 4 party or larger group pricing. Group enrollments must have a logical connection; e.g. family, close friends, co-workers. The Shielded Circle reserves the right to decide if group memberships will apply to other than family members.

Account Servicing for Prepaid Accounts

Your company collects published retail price from customer, enters enrollment information online and forwards wholesale amount via ACH to Shielded Circle.

Shielded Circle Monthly Membership Pricing Schedule:

If you sell fewer than 50 programs per month, your monthly wholesale price increases by $40 for an individual, $50 for couples, and $60 for three party membership.

Customers may continue their response services after 12 months for a retail price of $148 per month, $128 wholesale, regardless of the group size.

Servicing Monthly Membership Accounts

Shielded Circle handles payment processing after the initial payment (collected by the marketing company) and pays monthly commissions via ACH deposit. When your company reaches 50 program sales in a calendar month, all sales for that month earn the full commission.

Simplified Creditor Deterrence for total unsecured debt below $15,000

Membership, for individuals or couples only, includes:

  • $10k lien and preparation of Confession of Judgment (filing fee extra),
  • Privacy and Response services (Customer pays for Private Mail Box)
  • Customer service website access
  • Membership in the Financial Integrity System. (FIS)
  • Credit Restoration Education if customer renews for additional 12 months beyond first year.

Renewals are $95 per month after completion of the 12 month membership and include credit restoration services.

The Pathways to Wealth Credit Score Restoration Service is optional after 12 months of membership. Retail cost is $29 per month for an individual and $39 per month for a couple. It is included if they renew continue their response services at $148/month. Credit Score Restoration can take up to 12 months to accomplish.

I hope this answered some of the questions you have about our program. You can call me at 800-294-3724 after you have looked over this information. I look forward to hearing from you soon. – Source

Shielded Circle Public Resource Page

Shielded Circle Initial Sales Letter

Shielded Circle FAQ Document

I can always use your help. If you have a tip or information you want to share, you can get it to me confidentially if you click here.

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Steve Rhode is the Get Out of Debt Guy and has been helping good people with bad debt problems since 1994. You can learn more about Steve, here.


  • It is very difficult to believe that many of the comments in this post are from educated people in the matter of asset protection,debt negotiation, judgment enforcement and credit repair. After having first hand experience as a judgment collection officer, asset protection manager and debt negotiator who once was in credit card debt I see the flaws of those who have posted rude unknowing remarks about friendly liens fraudulent transfers and credit repair tactics.

    There are certain ways to go about asset protection that do not involve transferring assets or the use of a friendly lien. I have been up against these types of effective protection planning many times when attempting to collect on my own creditor judgments and for the judgments of my clients as a judgment enforcement agent.

    Sometimes there is really nothing a creditor can do even under order of the court when it comes to collecting on a judgment proof debtor even if fraud were involved because of the administrative costs and greater evidence of the courts required to prove such action.

    I have been on both sides as a debtor due to the fraud of others and as a judgment creditor and out of necessity have seen why certain Anti Debt collection strategies force creditors hands to settle for pennies on the dollar.

    Most collection companies are simply running a collection mill and have no first hand knowledge or care of any account they are suing or collecting on. Its just a business trying to make a minimum margin of 20% on every portfolio of junk debt purchased. They don’t sit and think who you are or what you assets you have there lawsuits are normally standard protocol as a means to coerce payment from debtors.

    At all time during the lawsuit process negotiation takes place and then settled at a fraction of its face value. Now if a debtor has leverage to negotiate because they have positioned themselves to appear broke, creditors most of the time will settle for much more of a discount to avoid the trouble and expense of extra court collection measures.

    I am not even warmed up yet either but I want to say watch your mouth
    before speaking about something that you have little or no first hand experience with implementing on your own. I’m tired of writing but I could go on for hours about the flaws of the comments on this blog. If you want to learn more call me on the phone. 800-871-6817

    • I have done a little research. Appears that Ol Danny boy here is actually a guy named Everett Smith. Everett is of CCDN fame he was actually one of the top sales reps for CCDN. Google them. Appears now Ol Mr. Smith is a Debt Collector who also does “Credit Repair” weird huh? Talk about conflict of interest. I am not promoting nor am I bashing any company here. I just think that if Everett is going to make claims against any particular interest he should divulge that he is a Debt Collector and of course he wishes to steer people away from any type of settlement unless it is through his company HKA Debt Recovery, Inc. Mr. Smith definitely sure has an interesting past. Went from telling people not to pay while working with CCDN to telling people they had better pay up. Very interesting.

  •  Thank you for your interest in the Collections Shield from Shielded Circle.  The Collections Shield
    is an interactive program which provides unparalleled protection from
    banks, credit card companies, bill collectors, and other civil law
    suits.  You are freed to get on with your life as you no longer need to
    worry about your credit card bills, debt collectors, and creditors
    because their power is taken away once you are protected by the Shield. 
    This comprehensive program took over five (5) years to develop, is
    being improved regularly; and works.  The proof is in the results our
    customers consistently achieve – collections stopped, lawsuits dropped,
    and debts paid off for pennies on the dollar.
    Once enrolled in the Collections Shield
    you will receive protection from seizure of real and personal assets,
    as well as resources and assistance needed to delay and forestall
    creditors’ attempts to enforce “legal remedies” against you; enabling
    you to take charge of your financial well being.  This aggressive system
    of defenses wards off imminent collection advances of lenders and
    provides a buffer of time during which assets are protected from levies
    and attachment.  The Collections Shield works to reduce the percentage of law suits and the ability of creditors to coerce payments from you. 
    protection can be in place within 1-2 weeks and even if you have
    already been served a summons to appear in court on a credit card debt,
    we can still help.  Everything needed to properly position you within
    our Shield is handled by the program.  We are here to assist
    similar to a personal trainer.  How well you perform, how successful you
    become, is up to you.  There are documents for you to complete to put
    the program in force and start building your Shield.  We will
    send you simple instructions to follow and will guide you every step of
    the way with our full-service Customer Support.  You will be assigned a
    team of dedicated, experienced professionals to help you with every
    aspect of implementing your new program. 
    Putting You Back in Control
    the normal course of business, most banks will charge off accounts
    within six months, selling them in bulk to collection agencies.  These
    agencies are normally difficult to deal with and your task is often
    overwhelming without the best professional assistance.  Beginning with
    frequent collection phone calls and what we call “nasty-grams”,
    creditors relentlessly harass and pursue defenseless victims of our free
    market system.  A primary tactic is to bully debtors into paying. 
    Creditors generally do not want to go to court but will do so when there
    is perception of collectability.    
    Your Collections Shield wards off these advances, convincing creditors of your uncollectability.  When combined with the full Shield,
    the circle of protection is complete. The national average number of
    credit cards held by individuals is eight.  Trouble with one is normally
    indicative of difficulty with all of them; all the more reason for your
    Shield to be put in place as soon as possible. 
    We do 95% of this initial work for you, freeing you to do what is important in your life.  The Collections Shield
    provides the front line of protection for those receiving collection
    notices by mail or phone calls from creditors.  Stopping this
    harassment, unwanted phone calls or collectors’ “nasty grams”, is now a
    step away.
    Stop the Harassment NOW
    in our program collection phone calls and demand notices come to our
    customer service centers.  We intercept collection phone calls and
    demand notices for you.  Once you join the Collections Shield
    you won’t be afraid to pick up your phone or go to the mailbox. You can
    begin to relax again with the knowledge that we are doing exactly what
    is needed to keep you from harm’s way. 
    addition, you’ll have a new address for your creditors.  As far as they
    know, you have moved.  We show you how to establish an address for
    creditors to use for mailing their collection notices and filing law
    suits.  You will send “Change of Address” notices to each of your
    creditors, informing them of your new mailing address.  Their collection
    letters will be then be forwarded and received at our offices where we
    can help you prepare the proper response to their demands. 
    Get Tough with Collectors
    We deal with your creditors so you can deal with your life.  The Collections Shield
    has numerous means of legally impeding harassment and other deceptive
    practices regularly used by creditors.  Situations vary as do remedies
    in various cases and jurisdictions.  Depending upon the nature of your
    debt and efforts to collect from you, the program has in place numerous
    programs and remedies to enable your return to financial health. 
    Customer Service department is the resource for your circumstance.  You
    can use them whenever assistance is needed.  Our pledge is to do our
    best to convince creditors of the difficulty in proceeding against you,
    thereby enabling a satisfactory resolution of the claim.
    objective of these services is to frustrate your creditors, to cease
    collection efforts, and to keep you from ever having to appear in court
    against a creditor. 
    Preparing for a Debt-Free Future
    integral part of the program is learning to avoid the pitfalls that
    tripped you up to find yourself needing our services.  As a member of
    the Collections Shield, you will receive a copy of Financial Integrity for Life,
    and a software disk with all of the resources you need to manage and
    budget your money.  Our goal is to assist you in getting your financial
    life back in order and never ending up being under the thumb of
    creditors again.
    How Do I Know this is Right for Me?
    more unsecured debt you have, the more beneficial this program will be
    for you.  We specifically protect and assist those who have acquired
    unsecured debts beyond their ability or willingness to repay.  These
    include credit cards, old lease agreements, hospital and doctor bills,
    debts left over from repossessions, and any third party debt collection
    efforts.  Maybe you have been told that bankruptcy is your only option
    but you don’t feel that it is the right thing to do.  We offer a real
    alternative that is both effective and affordable.  Many of our clients
    have been able to become debt-free for a total of around 25 percent of
    the debt amount they started with.
    are not a debt settlement, debt negotiation, nor debt reduction program
    of any kind.  How you choose to pay, or not pay, your creditors is
    entirely up to you.  Your Shield will give you the leverage you
    need to deal with your debt in the manner that best fits with your
    financial goals and resources.  You are not required to pay off your
    debts but if you do you would save thousands of dollars over any other
    hope this answered some of the questions you have about our program. 
    For more information, you can call me at 800-694-8180, Ext. 801 and I
    will be happy to discuss how the Shield might work in your situation.  I look forward to hearing from you soon.
    Dennis Daniels
    Dennis Daniels
    President and CEO
    Shielded Circle, Inc.
    1-800-694-8180, Ext. 801

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