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Are Lloyd Ward and Associates Truthful? – Mitchel

owe over 22000.00 on 2 credit cards to Bank of America. have talked to Lloyed Ward and Ass. are they truthful and can them be trusted.Heard a lot of bad stories about this type of thing. Don’t want to lose every thing I do have because some company takes the money and runs. Bankrupty isn’t and option. What can be done to help. I retire from working at the end of 2010

Can anything be done that is safe for what money I do have.


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  • Bankruptcy is the best option if you are having trouble with unsecure debt. A Chapter 7 will discharge all of your debt in 3 months. Debt settlement should  not even be an option at all and you will be in more debt by the time you are out of a plan. 80% of consumers never complete debt settlement. It has to be simply the biggest rip off of the last decade. Beware consumer. Beware!!!!! 

    • Not all settlement plans are created equal. When suitability and screening for appropriate customer profiles are followed, settlement beats heck over a chapter 13.
      When someone can (or even should) avoid chapter 7, they should consider settlement.
      Please know that all debt intervention measures other than chapter 7 have low completion rates.
      A DMP is completed less than 30% of the time and that is quoting industry numbers from 2004 (they cannot have improved with the recent economy)
      Chapter 13’s historically have less than 1/3 completion.
      Some settlement firms have way lower than a 20% completion rate and some way higher.
      Its all the same-same. Chapter 7 rocks for speed, cost and getting on with ones financial life, quite true. Its just not for everyone, nor should it be.

  • Lloyd Ward and Associates debt relief is the biggest rip off in the world.  I have been enrolled in the program for almost 2 years and only one of my credit cards have been reduced.  I have been hounded constantly by creditors with phone calls day and night.  I have been sued by one of them.  Most of the customer services reps are horrible.  There have only been 2 that  have actually been helpful.  I am in more debt now then I was before i enrolled in the program because of late fees and other fees. Now they keep telling me the only way they can reduce my balances is to come up with a lump sum of about $10,000.00 to offer to the credit card companies. Unless I win the lottery or someone dies and I inherit money and life insurance this is not going to happen.  If I could come up with $10,000.00 would I have needed to enroll in this lousy program.  NO.  This is the worst financial decision I have ever made.  I would of got a better deal from the credit card companies themselves if I had called them to explain how I lost an income of $13,000.00 a year cause Lloyd Ward doesn’t seem to care.  I have lost so much sleep over this situation and my husband who is a disabled Vietnam Veteran is just sick over it.  I have asked on numerous occasion for a supervisor to call me to discuss my situation but no one from this company ever calls. I am sorry like I said there were only 2 like i previously mentioned a women named Samantha who no longer is with the company and a girl named Karen.  I just wish this whole situation is over with.  My credit is already ruined so what is the difference now.

    Michele Baldwin

  • Mitchel,

    The above 2 posts are correct, having knowledge of all of your options is going to be key in making the decision to get out of debt. Debt settlement is not for everyone, there are pros and cons to it just like every other option out there. One piece of advice I can give you is I would steer clear of any company that does not provide a performance based fee structure.

    If you have any other questions that were not answered in your initial conversation with us, please feel free to email me at [email protected] . I will be more than happy to assist you in your search.


    Jordan Olsen
    Vice President

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