Financing the American Family – 1935

This 1935 film was presented by Household Finance Corporation to help promote their loans.

It gives a history of how money is used and has great shots of busy city streets. The answer to modern family financial troubles is a loan.

The husband is turned away by the big mean bank who can’t help him with a small loan. The points made are the same arguments that payday loan lenders make about the administrative costs of making small loans.

Sitting in the parlor of their modest home, the husband and wife come to the realization big banks can’t help them to meet their overdue doctor and grocery bills. They listen to the radio and hear a commercial for Household Finance Corporation (HFC) and how they have met the “crying need for family loans.”

The commercial goes on to promote refinancing debts and and to borrow money to meet late bills. The film says 82% of HFC borrowers needed money to pay off “family debts already contracted.” Times have not changed one bit have they?

After the HFC representative visits the family in their home and then checks out their “honesty, orderliness and good living habits” before HFC makes the loans.

The loan will “pay up all of those pressing debts,” just sign here and here is your payment book. The HFC representative tells the borrowers if they fall into trouble and can’t make the payment, not to worry, HFC will help them to get back on their feet and grant extensions to let them pay less to get caught up.

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