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DMP Payments Late Through Americorp from First Consumer Debt Consolidation/Hess Kennedy. Who’s Responsible?

A tipster (send in your tips here) sent me the following statement and I’m posting it in hopes of hearing from others with information about the situation to see if anyone has any additional scoop on the situation.


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Tipster says:

“Thank you for your site. I am a current debt management program of client of First Consumer Debt Consolidation/Hess Kennedy.

Although I was wary after the receivership had been created, I had not had any problems with the company and chose to continue on the DMP program being serviced through Americorp.

However, in October my account was debited through electronic debit as usual but the payments have not yet made it to my creditors for the October payments. I became aware of this when I got collection calls. My angry phone calls to Americorp have resulted in them telling me that payments were initially sent on Oct. 11 (Columbus Day) but that there was a “severe delay” so that they sent a new batch of payments out on Oct. 28.

They are blaming “the receivership” stating that the receivership was late sending Americorp the payments. Other clients were affected as well. I am crossing my fingers to see if my creditors actually receive the payment.”

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