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Capital One is Suing Me and I Can’t Afford to Travel to Court. – Xaviera

I came into financial distress to a point that I was unemployed and had to move to my mothers home in another state to survive with my young child of 6 years old. I am still unemployed but hopeful that I will be joining the workforce soon. At this time I have no car, no home of my own, I receive food stamps and I am waiting for financial assistance from the goverment agency for children and family.

I was served with papers from Capital One to which I responded immediatly. My court date was Nov 4th but I called in October to explain to the Court Clerk my situation, and asked if I could postpone this until I had the $ for the trip back to New York. I was told NO…and that when I could go, I would have to explain why I didn’t show up.

What is going to happen? I hear horror stories about Capital One garnishing wages and seizing 10 – 20% of any money in a banking account! I have nothing and I am struggling to find a job, obviously I cannot buy a plane ticket or even a bus ticket!


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