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Legal Helpers Bankruptcy – Debt Relief Television Commercial

  • Commercial Name: Legal Helpers Debt Resolution Bankruptcy
  • Record Date: 11-8-2010
  • Network/Channel: Retro TV
  • Description: 1-800-509-2000. This is a very interesting commercial. Legal Helpers has created a large network of affiliates and agents to sell debt settlement services to people they say can avoid bankruptcy. At the same time Legal Helpers runs the commercial below promoting bankruptcy and telling people to avoid debt settlement.

    The advertisement says:

    Actor Says: “Shouldn’t I consolidate my bills and pay a debt settlement company?”

    Legal Helpers Says: “No. 75% of those programs fail and leave you with your bills and a poor credit score.”

    Struggling to pay your bills, viewers are urged to pursue bankruptcy. By the way, the commercial directs viewers to a website that has the BBB shield on it but it does not link people to the actual profile. Legal Helpers actually has an F rating with the BBB and their record can be found here.


The debt relief commercial above is presented only as an example and archive of debt relief marketing and NOT AS AN ENDORSEMENT by this site. The commercial is archived for research purposes only.

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