William Mitchell, the CEO of the LA BBB, Resigns Amid Pay-for-Play Grading Scandal

Not that long ago a controversy exploded that the BBB grading system was broken and not fair. A number of revelations came out and some of them not so flattering to the BBB.

The Los Angeles Times is reporting William Mitchell, the CEO of the Southern California BBB has resigned following this embarrassment for “health concerns.”

Okay, so the guy underwent open heart surgery a few months ago, maybe it really is for health reasons but the timing could not have been better in order that the BBB can clean up this mess and put it behind them.

“Mitchell’s compensation had also made him a lightning rod for criticism. In 2008, he was paid in excess of $400,000 — more than the heads of other BBB chapters and even the group’s national president.” – Source

Certainly this won’t put an end to the fair grading debate but it will help to put the LA BBB troubles behind them a bit and move forward with more transparency.

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