Odd Comment About Angels Communications Solutions Makes Me Take Another Look

Last year I wrote about the “Free Telephone” service that’s not. The article started because of a commercial I saw on television. Maybe you’ve see the following commercial.

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You can read that July, 2010 article here.

Today I received an interesting comment through the typo form on that article.

You are sighting individuals that are not affilitated with the company. Also the commercial says verbably “Free month” as well the details for both with website and via the toll free provide the detials of the offering PRIOR to a customer subscribing to the service I have determined. I believe this service seems to help people in need as there is really no credit check and the bill seems to reflect the discounts promised. I think you provided negative publicity to a good product. Also the company as of Dec 2010 has over 100,000 customers so 176 complaints seems to be well below the complaint level of AT&T or others % wise. You really should retract your negative spin on an otherwise good offering that does help those 100,000 satistified people. You should do more research and verify facts before you publish. To avoid legal correspondence I advise you update this article.

So in order to “avoid legal consequences” I went back and looked at the article again. What I found interesting was the statement about the BBB complaints. According to the comment the company only has 176 complaints, but that’s not true and what makes it more confusing is the company appear to have switched BBB reporting addresses as of November 30, 2010. – Source

At the time of the switch to the new BBB reporting location the company had 225 complaints. Since moving to the new BBB reporting agency in Florida the company has eight new complaints and is said to have failed to respond to three of those. This bring the complaint total, just with the BBB to 233. – Source

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The company currently has an F rating with the new BBB reporting bureau. – Source

As far as issues about sources in the original article they were the FCC and BBB, not some casual person on the street.

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