Consumer Debt Assistance Deceptive Mailer – Credit Card Balance Reduction Opportunity 2011

One of the AACC members forwarded me a deceptive mailer a consumer had received. The number on the mailer, 888-354-8913, goes to Consumer Debt Assistance.

The Consumer Debt Assistance site boldly displays the TASC logo but guess what, that appears to be deceptive as well. According to TASC membership records, Consumer Debt Assistance is not a member. – Source

The deceptive mailer looks like an official document.

I did notice the mailer uses the same code as other mailers do, CP4-5414 and the same postal permit #1297. See additional mailer below from Reliant Support Services.

As you can see the inside of the mailer has some official looking design and uses terms like the 2011 plan and benefits. It makes mention of eligibility and a plan administrator.

It also makes to claims which the FTC would love to see as they seem to clearly violate the telemarketing sales rules when it comes to debt relief. I’ve boxed those claims in red.

Consumer Debt Assistance says they are an incorporated company and located at 16500 Bake Pkwy, 2nd Floor, Irvine, CA 92618. – Source. There is only one problem, the State of California says they are not an active corporation in that state.

They are instead now a LLC. A small point but since that transition happened on 5-26-2010 you would think that would have been ample time to update there records and site. Said Djahanbin is the contact person for the company as listed at the BBB and also for another company called Modify Loans at ModifyLoans.com.

If the company can’t get their TASC association correct and list their company name correctly, how can anyone have confidence they can handle consumer account information accurately?

And then there is this little gem.

So how much debt is that?

Similar Mailer From Reliant Support Services

Another TASC member, Reliant Support Services, sent out a similar mailer at the end of 2010. You will notice the similarities.

You will easily see the inside is very similar.

Interestingly this mailer said it could reduce harassing creditor calls and yet Consumer Debt Assistance dropped that from their version. So does that mean Consumer Debt Assistance will not stop harassing creditor calls?

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8 thoughts on “Consumer Debt Assistance Deceptive Mailer – Credit Card Balance Reduction Opportunity 2011”

    • it is true these scam artisits are back at it with ClearPath Lending Clearpathlending.com in Irvine. I worked for them. They are sending our bogus mailer again and changing documents in processing to fund loans. Scam artist
      this Sean Djahanbin who’s real name is Said Djahanbin. All the good reviews are fake on yelp, put up by themseleves. Scum bags. Beware!

  1. This is the same SCAM artists as 888-899-4510, 800-997-6911,
    800-381-3312, 888-295-4951, 888-941-5230, 866-848-5577 and 888-446-6136!
    Received a fraudulent postal mailing with NO return address. Just shows
    CA, PERMIT NO. 1297. Looks like an official bill from the DMV or IRS,
    but it’s NOT. On the front, it states : 2013 – Important Notice –
    Benefits Number : CTC####### – You have been pre-approved for a Credit
    Card Hardship Program. You need to contact Customer Service at
    1-888-899-4510 no later than 10/11/2013 to take advantage of Our ZERO
    UP-FRONT FEES DEBT REDUCTION PROGRAM. Do not hesitate and call now
    before your pre approval status expires. FAILURE TO RESPOND BEFORE

  2. This scam artist has statred a new mortgage scam Clear Path Lending. Clearpathlending.com Said Djahanbin aka Shawn Djahanbin. Same guys same MO.

    • its true Shawn Djahanbin from Modify Loans is now in the mortgage game with ClearPath Lending in Irvine here we go again. BTW they still in the Debt and Loan Mod Game.

  3. Hi Steve,

    I recently became a fan of yours. I can tell you first hand that I WAS a client of Consumer Debt Assistance. I will tell you that this company is a complete sham and is not licensed in the state of Cal. I bought in to their scam of debt relief. The services I received were pathetic. I paid almost 8,000 in “fees” and after a year I had to resolve five of the seven accounts on my own. Two of which I was to go to court over. They have been unresponsive after over 40 calls made to them as to my dismay and the only communication was made today. Their settlement offer was $359. This is something that your readers should read. I have sent a complaint to the BBB. If there is no response then I will go to the FTC.


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