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Am I Safe Paying Leading Edge Recovery Solutions With My Debit Card? – Nancy

“Dear Steve,

Leading Edge Recovery Solutions is the CA that bought my Sears account. They offered to settle for $867 but I do not have the money. They now offered to set up 12 monthly payments of $123. I do not have a problem paying since this is my debt. The only problem is that they want my bank account or debit card info. I will not give them my husband’s and my joint bank account info, but I do have a checking account I opened about a year ago, but I never use. I was planning on depositing only the payment amount each month to cover this settlement. This account does not have overdraft protection so they can’t over charge or charge multiple times. My bank will not pay it.

Do you think my bank account will be safe if I choose to pay with this debit card. It is not linked to my husband’s and my checking account that we do use and have payroll direct deposit.


Dear Nancy,

I think that sounds like a grand idea and one that minimizes your exposure. In fact I’d have to say your approach is brilliant and should be a great solution.

Please post your responses and follow-up messages to me on this in the comments section below.


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  • Yes, I do. It was sent through email. She did tell me that the $900 settlement was just an offer, but I could continue giving monthly payments. Last night I gave my payment, and she says, “Next payment is due on the 31st of the month. So why did she tell me the 25th two days ago? I just want to give my monthly payment without them calling me every month days before it’s due. After I gave the payment, she did say she could be calling me again before the 31st of next month.

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