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Canada Credit Fix Claims to Clear Your Bad Credit and Only Pay Ten Cents on the Dollar for Settlement

A wonderful tipster (send in your tips here) brought the following company to my attention.

Canada Credit Fix claims to be able to remove accurate but negative information from your credit report in Canada. They also claim to be able to settle debts for ten cents on the dollar.

The tipster (send in your tips here) says they first heard about Canada Credit Fix from the following press release. Does this seem a bit over the top to you as well?

Canada Credit Fix Enters New Year With New Phase of Growth in the Credit Repair Industry
The time has come to enter the next phase of conquest in the credit industry, through their new software tools, their growing talent pool of financial experts, and expanding their services throughout

The credit repair agency Canada Credit Fix has entered the new year with a roar, as it introduces its next phase of growth in the second decade of this millennium. Canada Credit Fix, in its overall goal to dominate and conquer the credit repair, debt negotiation and credit litigation industry, has already signed up with key players in the financial industry, created partnerships with some of the nation’s powerful credit firms, brokerages, merged with fellow credit repair giant Cease Collect, acquired talent from across the industry, reached out to its client base using a successful social media ad campaign, got featured on local and national television, and have even gone into talks across the border to further expand on CCF’s horizons and abilities. [Would that be U.S. border?] This year has been exciting for the credit repair industry powerhouse, as it has shown substantial and unprecedented growth, unlocked new and stronger means to serve the customers, reached its credit repair and debt management message to all Canadians from coast to coast and established itself as the de facto authority on credit report repair and debt negotiation in Canada.

But like any big player in the credit repair industry, Canada Credit Fix does not plan on stopping. There are huge plans underway to further expand on Canada Credit Fix’s abilities to distribute their fiscal responsibility message and credit repair services. In the coming months you will see Canada Credit Fix grow into the household name their thousands of satisfied customers already know, through their innovative credit repair programs that haul their embattled clients out of a hole of debt, bankruptcy and poor credit.

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Canada Credit Fix’s growth was phenomenal, reaching from small startup to credit repair industry heavyweight in its first year. Seeing its services as essential to the recession and the ongoing economic recovery, Canada Credit Fix has tapped into this vast demand for their credit repair service in Canada. Thousands of clients have already heard about Canada Credit Fix’s revolutionary service for Canadians, having been exposed to the credit repair firm message through their online classified advertisements and Facebook ads and their top tier search results on all the major search engines. Even traditional media has caught wind of Canada Credit Fix’s amazing service, as featured prominently on television news programs OMNI TV and Global News Hour. Canada Credit has simply become the media’s go to Agency for information on credit, debt, and identity theft.

As word reaches the Canadian public about Canada Credit Fix and their credit report repair service, clients have called nonstop to their customer phone line as well as visited Canada Credit Fix’s website for information and their rapid online application process. With a 900% increase in net traffic in all its domains and hundreds of clients joining on a weekly basis, Canada Credit Fix has shown impressive growth with more to come. The phones continue to simply ring off the hook.

Rapid expansion also means the need for innovative ways to expand on Canada Credit Fix’s abilities. Through this period of rampant growth, Canada Credit Fix expanded its staff of financial experts, including ex-collectors, former employees of Equifax, IT professionals, and legal, mortgage and credit experts. With the proper staff, Canada Credit Fix gains the proper tools to repair any client’s credit reporting woes. Their credit lab alone is the best in Canada, employing full time financial experts, and it is expanding! New high tech software is being purchased to keep up with the rising demand for Canada Credit Fix’s popular credit repair service, as well as plans to purchase server equipment to keep up with the increase in net traffic on all of their web domains. Expanding their capabilities to handle the tidal wave of clients is an ongoing process. Canada Credit Fix is always looking for new financial experts to round out their superstar team.

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Canada Credit Fix has become an essential partner to many services that offer financing for their products. Seeing the mutual benefit of having clients with clean credit get approved for their services, mortgage brokers, loan agencies and car dealerships have joined in droves with Canada Credit Fix, offering credit repair and debt negotiation to their clients when the customer’s credit score is less than ideal. Not limiting itself to just loan institutions, Canada Credit Fix has partnered with fellow credit industry leaders, and future negotiations with a yet undisclosed American credit repair firm in offering their unique and innovative programs south of the border. [Oh boy, watch out FTC.]

The future can expect even more expansion with Canada Credit Fix, as it gears up to accommodate the predicted and anticipated increase in demand for the big Canadian credit repair agency’s services. As it grows to become the biggest name in credit repair in Canada and beyond, the public can expect to see more of the credit repair and debt negotiation giant in the future. – Source


Boy, talk about conflicting messages. Check out this snap from the Canada Credit Fix page.

So the credit repair and debt settlement services are free, but people have to pay “as low as” $59 per month.


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  • Looks promising to me. I believed more in the DIY methods because there are a lot of companies online who claim to remove even accurate negative items from the reports but they can’t prove it.

    But what you said here seems to be backed up well.

  • sheldon and his canada credit fix and empirie citi are a ripe off they are quick to take your money and never heard from again!!!!!!

  • If there is an inaccuracy on your credit report, you can contact Equifax and Trans Union to dispute the charges. If the company involved does not respond to the disputed charge or claim within 30 days the charge or claim is removed from your credit report. You can do this yourself for free.

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