I Am Afraid My Brother is Considering Suicide as the Result of His Student Loan Debt. – Alex

“Dear Steve,

I am the brother of the person in question. I love him very much and fear that he is close to suicide.

My brother Paul has both clinical depression and OCD. He has tried to work since leaving school but has never been able to live entirely independently. One or another family member has always bailed him out. There have been long periods where he was unable to work at all. In the meantime, his student loan has ballooned to over $100,000. He has recently taken a very positive turn, seen a doctor steadily, is on medication, and accepted his diagnosis, something he has never really done before. His doctor, who has been consulted on this question, says there his no question that he is disabled.

But his ability to live a reasonable, stable life is seriously compromised by the weight of this debt. It simply keeps him in the pit of depression, no matter what medication he is on. There is no question in my mind that he would have paid off his debt by now if not for his condition and that he should not be penalized in this inhuman way. What are his chances for discharge of debt and what are the practical steps for making that happen?

Thank you very much.


Dear Alex,

The burden of what feels like insurmountable debt is debilitating for many. And it’s great news your brother is under professional care for his underlying medical conditions. More help is on the way.

Debt in and of itself is not fatal. It requires our help to make it so. I wrote a previous article that seems to be very relevant to this situation, “The Honest and Unvarnished Truth About How to Get Out of Debt.”

Now hopefully your brother’s loans are government backed. If so, it will be an annoying and administrative process but they can be dealt with. In that case the situation is not hopeless at all.

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If you can update me in the comments if the loans are private or government backed I can definitely get you going in the right direction.


You are not alone. I'm here to help. There is no need to suffer in silence. We can get through this. Tomorrow can be better than today. Don't give up.
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  1. Dear Steve, 

    I wanted to follow up with you about my brother Paul.  We have gone through the process and it was annoying and long, as you predicted, but…it was successful!  Paul’s loan has been forgiven.  Much to be thankful for!

    My advice to those who are facing similar situations–applying for forgiveness due to disability–is that it pretty much all depends on the doctor’s form.  Doctors are overworked and they fill forms in quickly.  They think they are just doing a description for another medical authority, and that is NOT appropriate to this process.  I had to force Paul’s doctor to fill the form in a second time and *really answer* the questions the form was posing about my brother’s condition.  HIs first attempt at the form would have resulted in rejection.  The second was a slam dunk for loan forgiveness.Thank you, Steve, for helping me and my family get the ball rolling on this process, and for your positivity and encouragement.  Infinite thanks!Alex


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