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What is the Relationship Between Lifeguard Financial and ESP? – Ron

“Dear Steve,

What is the relationship between ESP and Life Guard Financial. My wife was duped out of approximately 10K by Lifeguard. Any chances of getting any money back?

What are the chances of getting an attorney or the Fla. Atty. General invoved to get any money back, or is it a lost cause?


Dear Ron,

Probably the most important article for you to read to understand all of this is this one.

It seems a common thread running through it all is Efrain Garcia.

And in fact there is a new related organization in the mix. Here is what a tipster (send in your tips here) sent me recently.

It would seem that Anthony Passero, Efrain Garcia and Kevin Ellis are still up to their same Modus operandi.

I found this Press Release over the weekend. Now they are offering “their” product absolutely “free”? I asked myself what’s the catch? I went through the signup process and after updating personal information, you are asked to enter a plan. This plan asks the user to enter the number of months and monthly payments they want to utilize have placed into a trust account.

The options are two different companies one of the companies is NoteWorld, imagine that! In going through the process the method utilized is identical to the method we utilize, except for the GUI. They seem to have added additional features i.e. validation of credit card numbers.

The press release had their website listed within the body of the release. When you visit the website you will find the following page, On this page every email ends with, when you look up the domain name you find no surprises; the emails go back to Lifeguard and Efrain Garcia.

Vital Software Corporation
1580 SW 164th Avenue
Pembroke Pines, Florida 33027
United States

Registered through:, Inc. (
Created on: 08-Dec-10
Expires on: 08-Dec-11
Last Updated on: 08-Dec-10

Administrative Contact:
Garcia, Efrain [email protected]
Vital Software Corporation
1580 SW 164th Avenue
Pembroke Pines, Florida 33027
United States
954-234-5998 Fax —

I would suggest the first step to getting a refund would be to diligently follow every step of this refund process that I wrote.

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If at the end of that process you are not satisfied, you could always avail yourself of legal action.

But it looks as if the Lifeguard you knew may have changed ownership. It depends on when you became involved with Lifeguard Financial.

In 2009 they became a limited liability company but let the company lapse for not filing an annual report with the State of Florida.

But then there is also The Lifeguard Financial Group that formed at the end of 2008, is located at the same 4 West Las Olas Blvd address but is owned by Rafael Ulloa and Nancy Jarquin. – Source

According to other documents filed Nancy Jarquin owns 97% of the company while Rafael Ulloa only owns 3%. – Source

Rafael Ulloa is or was also an officer of 1st Pyramid Financial, Debtcare Financial, and Madison, Monroe & Associates.

Madison, Monroe & Associates is an interesting company because it is listed as a consulting firm and is owned by Nancy Jarquin (97%) and Rafael Ulloa (3%). – Source

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