The Effectiveness Of Tearing Up Unwanted Credit Card Offers

Ever wonder how effective tearing up an unwanted credit card offer is?

Many will just tear it in half, or even tiny pieces, throw it in the garbage and never think of it again. However, how easy would it be for a criminal to get a hold of your garbage and tape it back together? So many of us think, “that will never happen to me”.

One man decided to put this to the test. He tore up an offer into tiny pieces, shuffled them around and then attempted to put the application back together. The repositioning and alignment of the application took time but was not impossible.

He grabbed some Scotch tape and taped the bits back together. He admits it wasn’t perfect but it was legible.

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He decided to take this test one step further by filling out the application and sending off for the credit card. He ticked the “changed my address” box and wrote in his parent’s address, since a criminal wouldn’t opt to have the stolen card sent to your actual address. He then wrote in his cell phone number instead of his land line so he could call from that number to authorize the card.

He then popped his mangled, taped up credit card application into the mail.

He visited a few sites, mainly the Chase website and the Federal Trade Commission to see what they had suggested to do with unwanted credit card applications. Both sites recommended tearing up an application as a feasible method to dispose of these mailings. He became wary if his makeshift attempts to simulate a thief would prevail.

However, low and behold, he received a call from his dad one day saying he had received some mail. He headed over to find his new Chase Mastercard waiting for him at his father’s residence. He activated the card via his cell phone and had a brand new credit card.

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It was THAT easy.

Imagine the damage that could be done by a thief rummaging through your garbage. All of that being said, you should probably go buy a shredder. Like, yesterday.

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