Credit Card or Debit Card: The Great Debate. It’s Not Even Close.

Have trouble getting approved for a credit card? Do you have bad credit? Maybe a debit card is an answer. But, not to spoil the surprise, it’s not. So, I’m going to help you to understand why a debit card is a much less form of payment, provides less protection from scams, and does nothing …

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Rapid Reader Questions – Bankruptcy, Collection Agent, IRS, Student Loans

Things will be okay.

Q: What happens if you don’t file bankruptcy but still have credit card debt or loans at the bank? A: You owe them. Q: A collection agency sent my debt to a lawyer with a court date do I have to acknowledge it? A: No, but you will then lose by default. Q: Do I …

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10 Credit Card Rules You Should Know

If you’re like the 40% of credit card holders the American Bankers Association refers to as “revolvers,” you probably carry at least some debt from month to month. And if you’re a typical American, according to Experian, you have an average balance of $5,897 , with an additional $2,044 on a couple of retail credit …

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Is Credit Card Churning a Smart Idea to Run Away From?

credit card frustrated female

So What is Credit Card Churning? Credit card churning is the process of taking advantage of credit card points, perks, and rewards in a structured, organized, and clever way to benefit you. These rewards might be for: cashback hotel stays airline tickets use of certain facilities like airport lounges preferred boarding access to special deals …

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