Actual American Express Card Cancellation Complaints

Actual Consumer Complaints About Closed American Express Cards The information below is from actual consumer complaints reported to the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB). The list is the last 107 complaints listed by the CFPB as of the date of my post, American Express is One Day Away From Cancelling Your AmEx Card. The data … Read more

Is Credit Card Churning a Smart Idea to Run Away From?

credit card frustrated female

So What is Credit Card Churning? Credit card churning is the process of taking advantage of credit card points, perks, and rewards in a structured, organized, and clever way to benefit you. These rewards might be for: cashback hotel stays airline tickets use of certain facilities like airport lounges preferred boarding access to special deals … Read more

Here’s how credit card companies are helping customers impacted by coronavirus

Restaurants, bars, stores, schools, and theme parks across the country shut down this week amidst an outbreak of the coronavirus, known by the scientific name COVID-19. With so many places closing their doors, the economic impact of this global pandemic is likely to be massive. If your small business is shut down, if you’re temporarily or … Read more

8 Tips for Getting the Most From Your Travel Rewards Credit Cards

Six years ago, Taylor Whetstone, a 32-year-old nurse practitioner from Columbus, Ohio, started using a credit card to pay for gas because her employer would reimburse her for work-related driving. While the free gas was a nice work benefit, Whetstone was more excited by another unexpected perk – the travel rewards points she was racking … Read more

Here’s How a Virtual Credit Card Can Protect Your Credit

Typing your credit card number when making an online purchase can be a nerve-wracking experience. What if a hacker is “watching” and is able to obtain your personal financial information? Luckily, a product called a “virtual credit card” has been developed to help out in these situations. Here’s how a virtual credit card can help protect … Read more

Consumers Can Now Apply for Credit Entirely via Text Message

Is this really a good thing for consumers? TransUnion thanks so. Press Release Consumers seeking even more convenient and relevant credit offers will benefit from TransUnion’s latest enhancements to its Mobile Offers NowSM solution. The solution removes barriers and friction by helping consumers secure instant access to prequalified credit offers through a completely SMS-enabled mobile … Read more