ITT Tech Wants Money From Me But I’m Now Living in India. – Aly

“Dear Steve,

I grew up in the US and joined ITT tech but a few months into it I was married and had to go back to India and my inlaws would not allow me to come finish as I was responsible for the home affairs.

I informed the school before going and the lady said it was fine, this was done in writing then about 12 years ago.

Now I find out the school might have taken money from the us grants of over $7,000 when I was not even a student there.

I am not in a financial situation to pay this money as my husband is the onlyincome earner and as the eldest has to run the home.

I have sent them many letters but my uncle poor man is being harrassed daily and it has caused problems in my home also. How do I end this issue? please provide any advice possible, I do not live in the US and will remain in India.

How to resolve this issue finally, they just keep adding more and more charges


Dear Aly,

It sounds like you did attend ITT Tech for a few months. Did you pay for those classes in advance? How were they paid for?

Possibly you may have taken out a student loan to pay for the classes. If so it does not matter if you finished or not, the loan was disbursed and if it was past the withdrawal time period, if there was one, the loan would be due.

Is you uncle living in the U.S. and that is where he is getting calls? Are the collectors saying he is responsible for the loan or they just want your address?

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