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Can Chase Bank Legally Garnish My Wages Even Though I Live on SSDI? – Bill

“Dear Jeremy,

Can Chase Bank legally put garnishment on my bank accounts even after telling their lawyer twice once in civil and once in general sessions that my only income is from ssdi?I told him was unable to pay at that time. I had joined a debt settlement club prior to court visits In civil court the judge told us that was not the way to go.For 5 days in april 2011 i lived on 1 dollar and 47 cents I went thru the steps to get my money back and finally did. Can they legally do this and get away it?Since then i have filed for bankruptcy.After the bankruptcy case is over can i file a law suit against chase bank? thanks bill


Dear Bill,

Be sure to let your bankruptcy attorney know that you have a potential claim. The bankruptcy attorney can try to get it exempt from the bankruptcy estate which may allow you to proceed with a claim. Just be sure you to disclose it.

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