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I’m on SSDI and in Debt But I Don’t Want to Hurt My Credit Score


Question: Dear Steve, Lost job in 2007 became total disabled in 2012 now on total SSDI. I have credit cards, and student loan in the range of $28,000. which would be the best way to go as for getting out of debt I’m hardly getting by each month. I’m not late on payments and I have a credit score of ... Read More »

    Sallie Mae is Threatening to Garnish My SSDI Income. – Trudy

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    “Dear Steve, A few years ago I co-signed two private student loans for my son through Sallie Mae. I am disabled and receiving SSDI. My son has now defaulted on the loans and Sallie Mae is demanding payment from me. The loan is now with a collector who is threatening judgement. I live in the state of Hawaii. My son ... Read More »

      I’m on SSDI. Can you guess what 99.999% of my bills are from? – B

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      Male: 54 yrs. old Health: Poor Bill Collectors: Yes, yes, and more yes. In 1994 I was diagnosed with Hepatitis C. Now before everybody jumps the gun and immediatly, even some doctors do, I did not experiment with intraveinous drugs coming up the ranks. I will admit that like a high percentage of people my age (54) I did smoke ... Read More »

        I’m Living on Social Security Disability SSD and Getting Sued for a Discover Card. – M

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        “Dear Steve, Hello. basic history is that I have been working for years in a well paying job as well as my husband having a job. 3 years ago I got sick and became disabled couldn’t go back to work with no income coming in at all for me my husbands income was all we had. 2 months after i ... Read More »

          Capital One Won’t Accept My Settlement. I’m Disabled. – Wendy

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          “Dear Steve, I had good credit until I suffered a stroke after my 25 year marriage fell apart. I am on a fixed income now of $1380 from SSDI. Like Genie was, I am also being sued by Capital one for credit card debt of $3600, + unspecified add’l fees and interest, w/only about 25 days to respond. My credit ... Read More »

            I’m Working With a Couple That Had Medical Issues and Debts. What Do You Suggest? – Lisa

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            “Dear Steve, I’m working with a couple – one of whom acquired a brain injury a few years ago. She has not been able to work and has SSDI. She also has NH Medicaid and Medicare coverage. Her husband continues to work but his income is fairly low (construction in this economy). As a result of her brain injury, they ... Read More »

              I Was Mislead by Citi Customer Service to Default on My Mortgage. – Woody

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              In 2009 I applied through CitiMortgage then new HAMP (five times!) but always being turned down. After a few frustrating calls, I cited that I was a very good customer (never late or default on our mortgage monthly payments since 2002) and only to get BIG surprised, same answers that my diligence in paying monthly mortgages WAS the culprit why ... Read More »

                Would Filing for Bankruptcy Hurt My Ability to Qualify for SSI? – Ave

                “Dear Lewis, $22K credit card debt-making payments on time $3K hospital debt-not making payments, in collections $320K mortgage-$2K monthly payments – making on time Unemployed and filing for SSI due to hand injuries that are growing worse as I age, rendering me in pain all the time & unemployable. Spoke with Fast Track debt relief, and not signed up, checking ... Read More »

                  Should I Drain My 401(k) to Stay in My Home? – Cynthia

                  “Dear Andy, I am 62, on SS Disability, very recently separated, with a house that’s worth at least 250,000 and I owe 143,000. My 401K has about 115,000. I can’t survive on my SS. I can’t rely on my ex for anything. He has ruined what used to be my excellent credit so I can’t refinance. I’m on the 3rd ... Read More »

                    Can Chase Bank Legally Garnish My Wages Even Though I Live on SSDI? – Bill

                    “Dear Jeremy, Can Chase Bank legally put garnishment on my bank accounts even after telling their lawyer twice once in civil and once in general sessions that my only income is from ssdi?I told him was unable to pay at that time. I had joined a debt settlement club prior to court visits In civil court the judge told us ... Read More »

                      I’m on SSDI, My Ex-Husband is Filing Bankruptcy and I Can’t Afford to Repay the Debt. – Cydney

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                      “Dear Steve, Thank you in advance for trying to help me with my problem:) I am in the middle of a divorce. Now I know thats not a big issue but what is, is the debt issue, I am a disabled mother of two minor daughters. My soon to be ex husband had to take on the debt due to ... Read More »

                        I Have a Bank Account and Property With My Mother. Can My Creditors Go After That? – Anna

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                        “Dear Steve, I live alone in a home that is now in my mothers and my name jointly. Before that it was only in her name. When she wrote her Will a couple of years ago she also put my name on her checking account. So that if she died, I would not have to go through the transfers. Her ... Read More »

                          Can The Creditors Garnish My SSDI Check for My Credit Card Debt? – Kristene

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                          Garnishment of SSDI on crditcard debt Lost house in shortsale live week to week ,tried in the beginning to make arrangement for payments crditcard co. wouldn’t listen they wanted full interest late and overlimit payments and were impossiable so now I ignore the lawyer letters and phone calls. Can they garnish my disability checks and is my spouse liable for ... Read More »

                            I Have to Repay My Insurance Company for Disability Payments. – Stotherd

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                            Repay Insurance Company for disability payments I was disabled and my Long Term Insurance kicked in to pay my monthly payment for wages. I know I do have to pay them back but can they figure in or touch my wifes wages in any way They want upwards of 350 plus dollars a month. MY SSDI is only around 1100 ... Read More »

                              Disabled With Credit Card & Payday Loans. What Can I Do? – Frank

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                              I became disabled and had to go on retirement/disability, I was able to make up to 80% of what I was making. I took some part time jobs and my wife was working as a nurse. In 2007 I had an Abdominal Aortic Aneurism plus the disease in my back (Arachnoiditis) became worse and I could not work at all ... Read More »

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