How Reputable is DMI of Plano, TX? – Teresa

“Dear Damon,

I have a lot of credit card debt and I am getting overwhelmed over it I am confused as to what debt settlememt company I can trust

How reputable is DMI of Plano TX


Hello Teresa,

I wouldn’t touch DMI with a 10 foot pole based on what I found in a quick google search. It appears they are linked with Credit Answers, who has had large misleading advertising campaigns running on television and the radio giving consumers the impression that they were part of a government program.

I don’t have enough information about your situation to tell you what strategy you should be looking at. Trying to pick an honest company before you know what the best strategy is, would be putting the cart before the horse.

There are a small handful of debt settlement companies that I like and know they put consumers first. One company I have been impressed with is New Era Debt Solutions. My relationship with them started out pretty rocky because I originally thought they operated just like many debt settlement programs do. However they really caught my attention when they renounced their membership in TASC and helped found the AACC. After getting to know them, and understanding how and why they do things differently, I have come to know them as a very honest and straightforward company that I am comfortable recommending clients research further if they are in the proper situation for and would like to hire a settlement company to assist them.

After getting to know what I do for consumers, New Era also offered to extend a significant discount off their fees if I referred one of my clients to take a look at their program. This is because they know I would never recommend a settlement approach to any consumer unless it was the best option for them. So if they get a client from me, they know the client will have a high likelihood of success. New Era does not pay me a back end referral for recommending them, but instead will give that money to my client in the form of a significant fee discount.

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If you would like to schedule a private phone consultation so I can get a much better understanding of exactly what your situation is, please contact me through my website. If we determine that a debt settlement approach is going to be the best course of action, I will be happy to give you the names of some companies that will be a lot better and less expensive for you than DMI.

Damon is a talented independent debt coach that provides in-depth assistance and consultations for people struggling with debt. If you want a personal debt coach to help you through a difficult situation or want assistance to find secret discounts offered by debt settlement companies I think Damon Day is an excellent person to contact for advice and assistance. He can be reached directly at DamonDay.com

If you have a debt related question you’d like to ask, just use the online form.

Damon Day is a talented Debt Coach who offers fee based consultations to consumers as an alternative to the typical free debt relief consultations which are nothing more than thinly veiled sales pitches lacking any real information to help a consumer make a good decision. You can learn more about how he can protect you from getting ripped off at DamonDay.com

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  1. You might want to look into Credit Repair. With a reputable repair company you can effectively remove negative information from your credit report while limiting collection agencies ability to hold your report hostage. Message me and I’ll be happy to give you additional details. Creditexpert555@yahoo.com

  2. I received a mailer from debt mediation initiative Plano TX stating my “catalog” activation. The web link just shows a phone number-no info. I have all my debt under control but am being sued by my ex husband and by his attorneys for legal fees. I lost al,sot all my assets in the divorce and can’t continue to pay attorneys. I’m considering bankruptcy as I can’t pay attorneys to fight them and the lawsuits are filed out of state for over $100,000. Additionally the divorce judge left me on all the debt for a lot of real estate awarded to my ex-husband. I want to move on with my life, I have a great job that doesn’t pay a lot the first year, then begins escalating. I’ve been advised I’m a perfect candidate for chapter 7. It makes me sad as I’ve been so responsible with bills and have lost so much-bankruptcy just seems like another loss :-(( any suggestions would be appreciated- also I’ve consulted Allmand Law. They are strictly bankruptcy lawyers-I think their $3,500 flat fee is high, but they say that’s it-no hidden fees. My experience with lawyers through my divorce is they have no limit on their appetite for cash. Has anyone had any experience with Allmand law?
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