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Is a Scam? – Helen

“Dear Steve,

I am in over my head with payday loans. The fees are killing me. I had some serious car repairs and that is how all of this started and of course I still have to pay my other debts.

A company contacted me by the name of PaydayLoan Relief but I can’t find any info on them and I don’t want to make matters worst by going with a company that’s not on the up-and-up. I have been scammed before and I don’t want that to happen again. I do want to pay these loans.

Phone # is 877-528-5111 and the website is

I rec’d a payment plan which looks good and a POA to sign and notarize with a payment plan. Why isn’t it on their letterhead. Payment plan below

Dear Helen,

Payments by month:

Date – Payment – Savings – Enrollment Fee – Total to Set Aside
2011-05-13 – $45.00 – $10.31 – $100 – $155.31
2011-05-27 – $45.00 – $10.31 – $100- $155.31
2011-06-10 – $45.00 – $10.31 – $55.31
2011-06-24 – $45.00 – $10.31 – $55.31
2011-07-08 – $45.00 – $10.31 – $55.31
2011-07-22 – $45.00 – $10.31 – $55.31
2011-08-05 – $45.00 – $10.31 – $55.31
2011-08-19 – $45.00 – $10.31 – $55.31
2011-09-02 – $15.00 – $40.31 – $55.31
2011-09-16 – $15.00 – $40.31 – $55.31
2011-09-30 – $15.00 – $40.31 – $55.31
2011-10-14 – $15.00 – $40.31 – $55.31
2011-10-28 – $15.00 – $40.31 – $55.31
2011-11-11 – $15.00 – $40.31 – $55.31
2011-11-25 – $15.00 – $40.31 – $55.31
2011-12-09 – $15.00 – $40.31 – $55.31
2011-12-23 – $15.00 – $40.31 – $55.31
2012-01-06 – $15.00 – $40.31 – $55.31
2012-01-20 – $15.00 – $40.31 – $55.31
2012-02-03 – $15.00 – $40.31 – $55.31
2012-02-17 – $15.00 – $40.31 – $55.31
2012-03-02 – $15.00 – $40.31 – $55.31
2012-03-16 – $15.00 – $40.31 – $55.31
2012-03-30 – $15.00 – $40.31 – $55.31


Caitlin Wirth
Client Care Specialist”

Dear Helen,

My impression from viewing the website of is they advertise themselves to be a Payday Loan Settlement Company.

There are a couple of red flags that go up for me when I look at their site.

  1. They do not disclose where they are located nor a local telephone number. – Source
  2. There are no names of people publicly behind this company on the site. Who are you dealing with?
  3. Without knowing where the company is located you can’t verify they are licensed to do business. They could just be a fly-by-night operation.
  4. They also hide their domain ownership to prevent people from knowing who is behind this site.
  5. The site was only registered on 5-11-2010 so they don’t have much of a track record for providing services.
  6. They claim to be able to stop collector calls but in fact they have no power to do so if the payday loan company calling you is the creditor you borrowed the money from.
  7. They do not disclose the legal name of the company that owns the company. It’s not even disclosed in the terms of use on the site. – Source

Can you take a look at the payment breakdown you sent me and make sure I separated the columns correctly. When I got your question they were all crammed together. I’m trying to accurately calculate the fee they project charging you.

What is the amount of the payday loan you are considering enrolling?

You can post your answers in the comments section below.

By the way, the site is related to as well. Both domains go to the same site. The domain is owned by:

Worldwide XS
Edificio Olon, Paseo Colon
Espanola, New Mexico 87532

John Dangelo is the contact for that domain.

Edificio Olon, Paseo Colon also run Lighthouse Legal which is a cash advance lender for legal funding. – Source

A search of corporate records for New Mexico could not locate any company registered to do business under the name Worldwide XS, nor any corporate officers by the names of Edificio Olon, Paseo Colon, or John Dangelo.

In general their FAQ page is pretty good or at least better than most I’ve seen. – Source

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  • mark

    I agree to program

  • Ann

    Do not use them…DO NOT USE THEM!!!! I ended up paying them almost $1000 and they basically were only going to save me $100 or $200 on my payday loans, which I could have just paid had I not paid them $1000.



  • Sharoncrocker01

    Hi Steve,
    what can you tell me about Relief LLC – ?
    they are another payday loan consolidation company that i am considering to get out of debt with.  thank you Sharon

  • Ruth

    Someone just called me about “MypaydayReliefloan by the name of Jennifer Garcia explaining every thing about the fees and everything, introduce me to John, we had a bad connection and was to call me back for the arraignment for this transaction. Never called back.  I was to pay a one time fee of $200.00 and according to a $1000,00 debt my monthly payment would bw $55.00 once a month until the debt was paid.  I checked this info out with google, a scam.  Ruth

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