Listen to AVID Law Center Messages Left While Trying to Sell Mass Joinder or Loan Modification Services

A couple of days ago I wrote about a reader, who will now learn her name is Lisa. Lisa received this MP-50416E flyer in the mail. The mailer appears to be an advertisement for the consumer to join and be part of a lawsuit against her lender.

Lisa later received this retainer agreement from the law firm for “pre-litigation” services that cost $4,000 and $350 per month. And those are not even the fees for joining the mass joinder lawsuit against the lender.

Lisa has since sent me the following voicemails she received as she was being sold the services to either sue her lender or save her home.

  • Lisa raised a concern about mass joinder suits. AVID Law Center employee calls another firm pursuing mass joinder cases, Kramer & Kaslow, a “questionable law firm”
  • It sounds as if the AVID Law Center employee says they can save her home from foreclosure and if they don’t hire them Lisa should have her bags packed.
  • We are good guys because the people can complain to the California State Bar.
  • You can take some more time to come up with the retainer fees.
  • You have to call and speak to our attorneys if you have a desire to sell your home.
  • If you don’t act now we won’t or can’t take your case on.
  • You are going to spend more money to lose the home than paying our retainer. Saving your home won’t impact your credit.

This voicemail is the most alarming. Apparently the AVID Law Center employee did not realize he was recording and for the first 40 seconds we hear the call center background and you can clearly hear what sounds like multiple representatives talking to consumers. The sales representative then realizes he connected.

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  • Chris, the AVID Law Center representative says he will not be calling further if she does not act.
  • I can guarantee you will lose your home on the 16th of next month.
  • There are retainer fees. You don’t get your home for free. [So if you pay the retainer fees do you get your home for free?]
  • The impression is that unless AVID Law Center is hired you are guaranteed to lose your home.

The attorneys mentioned in the call are Aron Rofer, Esq. and Hiro Watari, Esq.

Lisa also forwarded AVID material which shows the claims AVID Law Center was making to her.

Sales representative sends Lisa an email from Aron Rofer, Esq. saying the media report is talking about the impending mass joinder litigations. in fact the article is not.

For the record, yesterday I did receive an email from Aron Rofer, Esq. and here is my reply to him regarding the recent postings on the site.


Feel free to add your comments on the two recent postings regarding AVID in the comments section.


I’m more than willing for you to post any message in the comments you’d like readers to see on the stories that you’d like to share so they can hear from you.

By the way, who is the printing house on the MP-50416E mailer?


I’ve yet to hear anything back from him.

So post your impression of the marketing calls from the law firm in the comments below.

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