I Went to the Nonprofit Group CBDC But My Debt Still Isn’t Paid Off. – Lisa

“Dear Steve,

I do not know if you can help with this one. I have been with Consumer & Business Debt Counseling Services, Inc (thru Johnson Law Group) for approximately 3.6 years. This is the “approximate” amount of time (which started in February of 2008) that I was told it would take to pay off the debt that was consolated. However, at this time I still seem to owe $3,000. Looking through my safe box where I keep ALL IMPORTANT PAPERS, I can not seem to find the original agreement for the afore mentioned. Makes me think that I did not receive an agreement and did not think to have them send one.

Late in 2010 I called to see that I would be paid off in May of 2011 (which it is) and the counselor on the other end said that I must not have given them the most current amount of the debt. That it would take another 1 1/2 to 2 years to achieve the pay off.

What I gave them was the amount that was on the current statements that was sent to me. If I call I will probably get something close to the same answer as before. To make matters worse, when I look and the statements, seems that they pay after the posting date and am always a payment behind! I have them deduct the amount from my account on the 30th of each month for the following month. These payments should show no missed payments.

I do not know if you can shed any light on this matter or have any advice but here goes. Since this debt counseling/consolation started, I’ve already paid the debt company $2,014.00 (this is their fee, paid in addition to the amounts paid towards the debt itself). Is there anyway I can have this settled in the very near future as was told without having to pay any additoinal monies to a company that was said to have this paid around this time? Are you able to help me?

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Dear Lisa,

CBDC is a nonprofit credit counseling service that I’ve written about before, here.

Typically in a credit counseling program the time to repay the debt is about five years. Without that original paperwork to see the estimates they gave you we are shooting in the dark a bit.

A couple of issues to look for. CBDC should be sending your payment to your creditors within a few days to a week of receiving it from you. If they are paying your creditors late you need to look at your creditor statements to make sure you are not getting charged a late fee. Also, check to see if the creditors actually reduced your interest rates down to what CBDC said they would.

How much debt did you original enroll with CBDC, who are the creditors and how much interest is each charging you? Please post your answer in the comments section below.


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Steve Rhode

2 thoughts on “I Went to the Nonprofit Group CBDC But My Debt Still Isn’t Paid Off. – Lisa”

  1. I am in a similar situation, Steve.  I contacted CBDC for a payoff amount, and also to request information on all the payments I have made to them, all the payments they have made, etc, as it states I am allowed to do in my Reatiner Agreement, and they shuffle me off, and say I need to get them updated balances on my credit cards.  I do have the original agreement amounts in writing – should I contact my credit card companies and my student loan holder and see if I can negotiate something on my own?  And how to get out of my contract with CBDC is my other question – not sure if they will honor something in writing or not – but I can’t afford to pay their monthly fees anymore. 

    Thanks so much for your help!


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