How Do I Get My Money Back From Legal Helpers Debt Resolution? LHDR Will Not Return Our Calls. – Tiffany

“Dear Damon,

We currently are in a debt program with LHDR whom from your website I see have a class action suit against them….which doesn’t surprise me. They will not return our calls or our creditors whom they are suppose to be negotiating with calls. They have taken $6500 from us and have done nothing with our accts. Meanwhile, our $50,000 worth of debts have been sitting and are in collections now. I will add, my husband and I both took huge paycuts a year ago which caused us to seek help from LHDR. Before then, we had never had a late payment on anything. Now we are drowning.

We are unsure weather to start trying to negotiate with our creditors (approx 11 accts) and figure out a payment plan, which right now they are still asking too much as a min monthly payment and we can’t afford to make it, or if we should file bankrupsy on the accounts. Is it true we could do this just on the accts but not on our home or anything? We really are wanting to sell our home and move to another town so I’m worried our credit which now is already bad will never allow us to do this if we file. We need serious help. Also, is there any way to get the 6500 back from LHDR? We have thought of trying to get legal help to do this but don’t know if we could ever get it back.


Hello Tiffany,

I am very sorry to hear that you have enrolled with LHDR. It appears you have paid a large portion of your fees already and you are unlikely to get that back. However I would encourage you to try. The big issue is where to go from here. Normally I might suggest a client try and work out a deal with the settlement company since most of the fees have already been paid. However, in the case of LHDR, I don’t see any evidence of them doing things to actually help their clients and the question becomes, does it make sense to continue paying them even more money if they clearly have only been interested in collecting fees from you and have done absolutely nothing for your accounts thus far?

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My opinion is that it does not. If you have not been happy with their service while you have fees outstanding, is it likely that their service will get better after you have finished paying all of your fees? My opinion is no, it will not.

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The reality is that you can negotiate with your creditors directly and in many cases get better deals than LHDR can get. However, I am sorry to have to tell you this, but if LHDR informed your creditors that they are representing you, and I assume they did, in my opinion your chances of being sued on some of these cards is now significantly increased. Based on the evidence that I have seen over the last few years, I am of the opinion that enrolling with LHDR makes it more likely that you will be sued by your creditors than if you simply did nothing during the same 12 to 18 months. Unfortunately we cannot change what has happened and we just have to play the cards that LHDR has dealt to you.

Now if they are trying to convince you that they will represent you in court if you are sued, please be aware that they purposefully built in several loop holes into their contract to allow them to get out of having to actually fulfill that promise. Please see my article here.

To answer all of your questions about settlement vs bankruptcy and where to go from here, I would need to know much more about your overall situation. I think it is unlikely you will see a refund from LHDR because most of that money went to the sales affiliate and the servicing company. However, I encourage you to try if you feel that you have been wronged. If they do not offer to make things right, then I would certainly file several different complaints including the BBB, IL AG and possibly the bar as well, depending on what you were promised during the sales pitch. If you feel you were lied to, you might even consider taking them to small claims court.

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I would take my dissatisfaction with the service directly to the principle attorneys at LHDR if you don’t get anywhere with the servicing company.

I would highly recommend you schedule a telephone consultation with me so I can look at your financial situation in detail as it stands right now. Then we can cover the prospects of continuing on the settlement path working directly with your creditors, possibly hiring a settlement company that will charge a lot less and nothing until settlements are performed, or looking into a bankruptcy option to give us something to compare settlement to.

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