My Elderly Parents Were Scammed by a Relative. Now They Are About to Lose Their Home. – Maria

“Dear Damon,

My elderly parents were scammed by a relative without them knowing until the relative died. They were about to lose their home of 20 something years. I could not get a loan to help them because my credit is bad and I am in chapter 13 bankruptcy with 3 more years to go before it is discharged.

So I took out several payday loans to help my parents and paid them on schedule until it came out of control. These were new accounts and did not go on my bankruptcy. I tried talking to the companies but they did not want to hear any excuses. So I have avoided them for about a year. Now the loans have been sold to other agencies claiming they are law firms.

Messages are being left on my phone that they are going to have my Texas drivers license suspended. Another company says they have filed charges with my local DA for check fraud. Can these companies do this? Another thing is that the companies won’t give me an address so I can make payments to pay these accounts with a money order. They insist on me giving them a checking account or buying a prepaid credit card.


Hello Maria,

What they are threatening to do is a violation of the FDCPA and is illegal. They are making threats to scare and intimidate you into paying and it is illegal. Don’t ever give these criminals any checking account or credit card information. I would immediately file a complaint with the Texas Attorney General if you can get any information about who they are and where they are located. If they refuse to give it, I would file a complaint with the police department about harassing phone calls and threats, and give the police the number they are calling from. I would only talk to these guys to the extent that I could hopefully get some information out of them. If you have the ability, record the calls. Other than getting their company name and mailing address, there is no need for you to discuss anything else with them at all.

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Tell them you don’t owe the debt and ask them to mail the account information to show who you owe what to.

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