Is Vortex Debt Group a Total Fraud? – Dan

“Dear Michael,

I recently entered into an agreement with Vortex Debt Group. I was in the process of signing and returning the “Authorization to Communicate with Creditors and Collection Agencies”.

My wife thought the proposal to settle approx. $13,500.of unsecured debt for approx.$6,000.was simply too good to be true.

I assured her that Vortex had answered all my very specific questions and that I will start making payments on the 15Th of June.

Taking her advice I started to research Vortex and what I discovered made me sick to my stomach.I have e-mailed Vortex advising them to cancel my agreement immediately.

-Is Vortex a total fraud?
-Should I change my bank account?
-Is there any credibility to this company?
-What are my next steps?

Your prompt response would be VERY much appreciated.


Hi Dan,

In answer to your questions:

-Is Vortex a total fraud?
I cannot speak to the efficacy of the program offered to you by Vortex. I can say that I too would be troubled by what I found in researching the company. It would prevent me from enrolling with them.

-Should I change my bank account?
If you are concerned that an ACH payment will be transacted even though you cancelled the program prior to the draft date (cancel in writing as well as verbally), and are looking for absolute peace of mind, changing your account would be a logical step. I would not find it necessary myself, but you should do what makes you most comfortable.

-Is there any credibility to this company?
I cannot speak to the companies credibility from any personal experience.

-What are my next steps?
If you believe debt settlement will assist you in avoiding having to file bankruptcy I would suggest you start some threads on the forum for this site and get some experts to help you navigate the process on your own, thereby saving in fees that could be better applied to the debts.

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I could also recommend good DIY resources. Since my company offers a DIY program if you qualify, and in an effort to not appear as though I help out on this site in order to get business from a company you have signed up with only to become skeptical of, I would also recommend

Charles Phelan over at zipdebt is the original innovator of DIY debt settlement education. DIY debt settlement is not complicated. It is made even simpler when working with a pro like Charles.

If you want to connect with a company who can assist you in the effort by settling your debts on your behalf I would recommend you check out members of the AACC. All AACC members offer no cost consults and charge fees for direct debt settlement services based on performance.

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