Tornado Victims Get Break From Their TV Service Providers

In a rare bit of good news to report it appears that residents of Joplin, Missouri, which was recently struck by a massive tornado, will get a break on cable and satellite bills.

While we know what the intention is, I’m sure there are going to be some screw-ups that will need to be addressed.

Apparently local television providers, Cable One, DirecTV, and Dish Network have all agreed to not charge fees for service that was cancelled as the result of the home being destroyed or left uninhabitable. They will also not charge fees for lost or damaged equipment, or for service to be reconnected at a later date.

The companies have also said they would place the consumer’s account on hold but consumers MUST call their television service provider as soon as possible to let them know of their situation.

“My office has contacted Joplin’s three major television service companies and they have assured us that they have policies to protect victims of the tornado,” Attorney General Koster said. “There are so many issues the people of Joplin have to be concerned with as they begin to put their lives back together. The last thing they should have to worry about is being charged a fee to disconnect service they cannot receive in the first place, or a hefty fine for equipment that was destroyed through an act of God.”

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